Organizing is Not My Thing, So Please Help!!!

bedroom organizing

Organizing is NOT my thing.  I’m excellent at maintaining or tweaking, but starting from scratch is not my cup of tea. Unfortunately I need to organize my granddaughter’s room at my house.  We’ve painted, furnished and accessorized (mostly) but now I’m paralyzed. I’ve looked at photos.  I’ve gone through the organizing sections at Wal-mart and Target.  I’ve analyzed.  I just can’t figure out … [Read more...]

More on my Unstructured Planning Experiment

unstructured planning

You asked for it and here it is – more details about how I’m using my unstructured planner set-up.  Keep in mind that I haven’t committed to this system.  I’m just trying it out to see if it will work better for my current crazy lifestyle. So let’s get started. Section 1.  Menu.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve lost my menu before I was finished with it.  So now I’ve been putting it at … [Read more...]

Tidying Lessons Learned from My Messy House

messy house

I woke up Saturday morning to a big, fat mess in my house. The last thing I wanted to do on a Saturday morning was clean house.  I was tempted to leave it until later - really tempted.  But I finally decided to get it over with.  You know what?  Much to my surprise, it took less than an hour to put everything back together and even do a little touch-up … [Read more...]

Fixer Upper Week 68 – Basement Stairs

house front view

I didn’t think I was going to have anything to report here this week, but while my back was turned, David rebuilt the basement steps.  Seriously.  I was upstairs working on taxes.  I went downstairs to get a drink and heard hammering.  I peeked into the basement and saw this: And within an hour, it looked like this: They used to look like this: The old steps were … [Read more...]

What’s For Dinner (154) & Cooking Tips, Too!

What's For Dinner

We played around with some recipes that were NOT low FODMAP or gluten free this week and the results on David’s stomach were less than ideal.  So this week’s menu/experiment will NOT be repeated. Monday Farmer’s Casserole NOTE:   I love, love, love this casserole.  It is SO good.  You could easily make it ahead and it would freeze well. Tuesday Chicken Baked Sweet Potato Sautéed … [Read more...]

Homemakersdaily is On Vacation!

Taking a Break

I wish I could say I was going to some warm and/or dry exotic location to get away but I’m not.  I’ll be staying home and catching up on some areas I’ve neglected lately.  It definitely won’t be as fun as a tropical vacation but I know I’ll feel good after I’ve checked a few big things off my list.  Oh, I'll be doing some real relaxing, too - probably some reading.   I’ll see you in a week or … [Read more...]

Hate Bed Skirts? Try This Instead.

bed skirts

Bed skirts have never been my favorite thing and they still aren’t.  Unfortunately, I purchased a twin/full comforter for my grandson’s bed at my house and the comforter is too small for the bed.  The box springs shows and it’s ugly! I figured my only option was to purchase a bed skirt and I was NOT excited about it. But I did some research and discovered a really simple and … [Read more...]