Life with Lucy – Strategies for Survival!

Lucy, chocolate lab

Lucy, my chocolate lab puppy, is five months old now.  She joined our family at the end of October, and the last 3-1/2 months have been incredibly awful!  I’m not exaggerating! Puppies are supposed to be sweet and cuddly but she hasn’t been either of those since day one.  When the breeder referred to her “wild and energetic”, I should have backed out of the deal ASAP.  When we picked her up and she cried, whined, bit and barked all the way home, we should have turned around and taken her back.  But we didn’t know.  We just didn’t know. Continue reading “Life with Lucy – Strategies for Survival!”

I’m Baaaack!

Patty at Computer

Just in case you were wondering what’s going on, I decided it was time for an update.

Several months ago I was having technical problems with the blog and Stephanie offered to help me.  As we talked, I decided I needed a complete break from homemakersdaily and asked Stephanie if she wanted to take over.  She did and immediately became the new owner of Continue reading “I’m Baaaack!”

Tracking on Regular Planner Pages

Franklin Covey planner

Tracking what I’ve done is just as important to me as tracking what I need to do.  You’d be surprised at how often I look back to see if or when I did something.  So it was no surprise when I saw and fell in love with Maryanne Moll’s tracking pages.  They were a little overwhelming at first, but once I really looked at them, I thought they were genius.  So I downloaded the pages from Maryanne’s etsy shop and started using them. Continue reading “Tracking on Regular Planner Pages”

Are a Grocery List and Menu Plan Really Necessary?!

Grocery List

Well, it depends.  Just like most homemaking tasks, there are lots of ways to do things and rarely a one size fits all approach.  That’s definitely true regarding grocery lists and menus.

I used to go to the grocery store with a list and menu 99% of the time.  Once in a while I went without the list and hoped for the best.  I usually did that when I had run out of time or energy or I was just sick of doing it.  It rarely worked out well.  I usually ended up over budget and without the right ingredients to make anything. Continue reading “Are a Grocery List and Menu Plan Really Necessary?!”

Snowed In and At Loose Ends

12615272_1313242702035456_4109829323537376306_oI have been stuck in the house for a week. The snow storm dropped 17-24 inches on our county depending on where you are. I have been stuck in the house buried under blankets and using ceramic heaters to supplement. My mother who lives in Michigan said it was my thin southern blood. I tend to believe her.

I have been working on going through iBloom’s Virtual Retreat for work at home mom’s. It is very concise and at the same time very deep. They ask questions about your ideal life and what it would look like. I have done 100’s of seminars, retreats, programs, and classes on how to get my life together (hello A.D.D./A.D.H.D.) But the iBloom girls are different some how. Maybe it is because they are not ashamed of mingling their faith (Christianity) and business or maybe it is something else. I don’t know. What I do know is that it is changing me.  Continue reading “Snowed In and At Loose Ends”

DIY Stencils In Word

DIY Wall lettering

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Word art stencils are one of my favorite frugal decor hacks. I have used this trick all over my house to personalize and decorate.  I am going to give you instructions to do it yourself. But if you feel overwhelmed I have included a sample file at the end of the post.

Continue reading “DIY Stencils In Word”