10 Ways to Keep Track of Daily Routines in your Planner

Daily Routines

Daily Routines

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1.       Make a daily chore sheet that can be moved from day to day.  You can also include things that need done sometime during the week.

Daily Routines

Routines Insert 2

2.       Use a post-it note that you move from day to day.

Daily Routines

3.       Create an insert for pouch page finder and use dry erase markers to mark your tasks as you complete them.  Erase the marks in the evening or the next morning and start fresh.

Daily Routines

4.       Create an insert for your pouch finder that you can pull out and mark tasks off as they’re completed.

Daily Routines

5.       Keep a list in a separate section of your planner.

Daily Routines

6.       Use a section of your planner for daily tasks and re-write them daily.  This is my personal preference.

Daily Routines

7.       Create a custom daily page that incorporates your daily tasks on the page.

Daily Routines

8.       If you’re using a week on two pages format, you can draw the daily task chart in the blank section of the pages.

Daily Routines

9.     You can write the list of dailies directly on your to-do list.  Some people would consider that too much trouble, but for others, the act of writing them daily helps them remember to do them.

Daily Routines

10.      Type out your dailies on a small piece of paper you can insert daily and just throw away when your tasks are completed.

Daily Routines

 Do you keep track of daily chores in your planner? How do you do it?

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18 thoughts on “10 Ways to Keep Track of Daily Routines in your Planner

  1. Grest post! I created a week on 2 pages insert in my A5 Malden and I included colorcoded tracking of some of my routines. I just check them iff daily. And it is really easy ro see on the row when I have skipped!
    I will make a video soon about it on my youtube channel.

  2. I have twoo basic routines, a la FlyLady, for the morning and evening. For daily tasks not covered in my morning and evening routines, I have a bunch of sticky notes that “travel” from one day to the next. Since I am no longer working, I do not really need the daily pages that FC or DTO make. I have a bunch of undated ones from Day Runner that I can use when I need them. Those times would include the two weeks before Christmas and when planning for our annual vacation. FC has colored page finders/Today inserts that I can use when something needs to be done that is important. Before I got those, I juse neon colored tabs from Post-it Notes. This is also part of why I use the half-sheet sized planner. A weekly planner will work just fine for me and the routines are memorized (after 20 or more years) so it isn’t difficult. I still use my sticky notes because that is what I trained myself to do.

  3. Patty, Thank you for all the help you are continually giving on the use of the various parts of planners. I have learned more from you in the past 1.5 years than in my previous 18 years of attempting to make a planner “work” for me. I wish I had discovered you when I was working, but at least now you are making my retirement (with multiple volunteer situations) much more organized. Gretchen

  4. These are great ideas, Patty. I love the moveable daily chore sheet – I may have to try that one. Usually, I either use a postie note or re-write things from day to day (I like the act of writing…). But many of my daily tasks are indeed “sometime this week” ones and so that sheet would work well.

  5. Patti, I love your Daily Chores sheet. I am terrible at making my own. Do you have the file you used to create it? As always, you give great suggestions!

  6. Hi Patty,
    I have a custom-made purple stamp with small routine reminders (beds, laundry, swish/swipe, 15 min zone, vacuum, hotspots, bread, washing machine – most abbreviated of course). I use this stamp in the Daily Tracker section of my FC 2PPD pages, and I only need to check them off (I added little check boxes to the stamp). I made a video about it (I’m Ju La on YT).
    I hope that I will have someday incorportated the routines so much, that I can loose the stamp LOL

    1. Judith, I love the idea of having a stamp. I should look into that.

      I do have my routines memorized and incorporated but I still write them down because I like to check them off. It makes me more apt to want to do them.

  7. I made a custom daily page and included my routine at the top. My trouble is that my routine changes each season, so I have custom pages for summer, spring/fall, and winter. A little silly, but it seems to work. I like the idea of using a post-it! I may just have to steal that and see how it works.

    1. Adrie – I think that’s a great idea having pages for each season – not silly at all. Have you seen how Kristi at Giftie Etc makes labels with her routines? That might be something worth checking on.

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