12 Simple Organizing Ideas

This wicker basket is in my bedroom. It serves as a table and it’s where I keep all the sheets.

wicker basket for table and linens

My husband and I live in an older home so the closets are pretty tiny. I use the closet in the bedroom for my clothes and he uses the closet in the office for his clothes. It actually works out great since he gets up a LOT earlier than I do. But to make his closet work better for his needs, he lowered the rod and added upper shelves. He doesn’t have a dresser so he keeps all his folded clothes on the shelves.

clothes closet with multiple shelves

We also placed a shoe organizer on the inside of his closet and it holds his workout shorts.

shoe organizer for shorts

I have a large desk in our home office but it doesn’t have much drawer space. I have a 2-drawer filing cabinet under the desk and a 4-drawer filing cabinet across the room. Since most of the files are in the 4-drawer cabinet, I use the 2-drawer under my desk for storage.

Filing cabinet for storage

I also have a bulletin board on the wall next to my desk. I use that for my receipt envelopes, monthly calendar I can glance at if I need to know the date, and various other miscellaneous items I want to keep track of. Lately I’ve been losing the new recipes I want to try so I’ve been putting those there, too.

Bulletin board

On my desk I have one of those small plastic three drawer organizers. I keep stickers, pens, and other planner accessories in those.

plastic drawers for small storage

Also in the office we have a second closet that I use for office supplies, past year’s planners, rubber stamps and other odds and ends. Since we don’t use it for clothes, David took out the rod at the top and that gave us more room. It’s a small thing but you’d be surprised how often that rod got in the way.

Remove closet pole from storage closet

And finally, on the inside door of that closet I have three file pockets for office items I use a lot. I actually got these pockets to hang in the garage to serve as mailboxes for the kids. We always come in through the garage so they passed them as they went in the house. We used them for a while but then I moved them to the closet.

extra storage on closet door

If you need more storage in your dining room but you can’t afford or don’t like the fancy hutches or credenza’s, use a dresser! Dressers can be purchased cheap and with a little bit of imagination you can make them look like they belong in the dining room. Here’s ours:

dresser as dining room furniture

When you’re ready to place your tv, don’t automatically opt for over the fireplace. There are guidelines about tv placement but the best way to tell is to sit in your space and figure out what location makes for the best tv watching. In our living room, it definitely wasn’t over the fireplace. We put our tv on an arm to the right of our fireplace at eye level for when we’re sitting on the couch. You can rotate the screen a little bit to suit you.  It’s perfect!

tv location

Not sure where to keep the kids’ toys so they’re accessible but contained? My kids are grown but I have a bunch of toys for the grandkids. I keep them under the tv in three bins. No, it doesn’t look as good as a row of dvd’s but it doesn’t look bad and it’s extremely practical! After the kids leave, it’s a piece of cake to clean up the mess.

toy storage

And finally, here’s a trick my husband came up with. When he remodeled our kitchen, he put lots of shelves so we could store dishes without stacking them 5 high and then fighting to get the one on the bottom of the pile!

multiple shelves in kitchen

So there you have it – twelve simple organizing ideas from my house to yours. What do you think?

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  1. I especially like the three drawer organizer on your desk; if my desk weren’t a slant front I’d get one in a minute. Maybe I could keep it someplace else…..thinking…
    Karen K recently posted…A New OrderMy Profile

    • I have another one of those 3 drawer organizers in my bathroom closet for odds and ends like razors, tooth care supplies and other odds and ends. They’re really handy! I think they’re good for makeup storage, too.

  2. Great ideas. We also added extra shelves to our kitchen cabinets. So much space but too few shelves come with them! My friend used an old dresser in her kitchen area but removed the drawers and put wicker bins in for kids’s stuff that shows up.

  3. The wicker basket full of clean sheets in the bedroom is such a great idea! That would work in a bathroom, as well, to hold clean towels.

  4. I love the shelves in the kitchen cabinet! I keep wondering if a bulletin board would help my older paper-hoarding son tween son stay a bit more organized. I could probably use a bulletin board as well–he comes by those paper hoarding habits fairly honestly. A lot of great ideas in this post-thanks for sharing.
    Jean recently posted…Tell All Tuesday, A (Very) Late Version of Saturday SuccessesMy Profile

    • You’re welcome. A bulletin board does come in handy. Even if it gets a bit cluttered it at least keeps paper in a central location.

  5. I especially like the shoe organizer.Thanks for the ideas, i will use some of them!

    • Shoe organizers are SO versatile! I’ve seen them used for cleaning supplies, bathroom supplies, kitchen supplies, art supplies. There’s really no limit to what they can do.

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