25 Non-Traditional Uses for a Monthly Calendar

Monthly Calendar

Monthly Calendar

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Have you discovered that you don’t want or need the monthly calendar that came with your planner inserts?  I, personally, can’t live without my monthly calendar but I understand that a lot of people don’t use it for appointments and are at a loss as to what to do with it.  So for those of you whose monthly calendar is blank, here are some non-traditional items you can record on your monthly calendar:

1.       Exercise.

2.       Health issues.

3.       Weather.

4.       Bills.

5.       Blog schedule.

6.       Steps or calories.

7.       Daily weight.

8.       Cleaning chart.

9.       Mileage.

10.     Progress on a project.

11.     Index to key events in your life.

12.     Work schedule.

13.     Gratitude (obviously just one or two words)

gratitude calendar

14.     How you feel.

15.     Habits.  Mark each day you don’t do something.  Or record how many times you do something (like how many glasses of water you drank).

16.     Goals.

17.     Blog stats.

18.     How much you spent each day.

19.     Acts of kindness you receive or do.

20.     Special prayer requests.

21.     Scripture reading chart.

22.     Menu.

Monthly Calendar Menu

23.     Budget.

24.     Small daily task for cleaning, de-cluttering or organizing.

Monthly Calendar Projects

25.     Books you read or movies you watch.

What are other ways you could you use your monthly calendar?

UPDATE:  Per reader request, below is a download for the horizontal monthly calendar shown in the examples.  Print the calendar on a full sheet of paper, then put the page back in printer the opposite direction and print on the other end to get two copies of the calendar.

Blank Horizontal Monthly Calendar – Classic or A5
Blank Horizontal Monthly Calendar – Compact
Blank Horizontal Monthly Calendar – Personal

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8 thoughts on “25 Non-Traditional Uses for a Monthly Calendar

    1. The monthly inserts in the first photo are Daytimer.

      The other three are a page I made. I wanted a horizontal monthly page for tracking a few things. If you are interested in it, I can add a link to the end of the article. Just let me know.

  1. homey – nice post. for me personally, it’s nice to put in each blank, one – and only one- task i hope to do that day.

    how do you keep from losing your daytimer? what do you always have with you? (info for my upcoming blog)
    ps i found another spam that had slipped by. ugh!

    1. Good idea, Doug. And very motivating when you can see a bunch of boxes marked off.

      I don’t know how I keep from losing my planner. In 20+ years of use, I never have lost it. I consider it extremely important so I probably am diligent about watching over it. It’s usually near me – in my purse, in my hand, open on my desk or open on my kitchen counter. It’s one of the things I grab when I’m leaving the house – keys, purse, phone and planner. Those are nearly always with me everywhere I go.

      Does that answer your question.

      Those pesky spam comments. They are SO annoying!!!

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