3 Easier Ways to Shred Chicken than With 2 Forks!

kitchen aid

kitchen aid

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Raise your hand if you HATE shredding chicken with two forks!  I use a LOT of shredded chicken and I got sick of shredding it the old-fashioned way.  It was time consuming and hurt my hands.  That’s why I was EXCITED BEYOND BELIEF when several years ago I discovered that you can shred chicken quickly and easily with some of your ordinary kitchen tools.

I’ve written about this before, but just in case you missed it or you got one of these handy dandy kitchen tools for Christmas, I thought it was a good idea to repeat it.  It’s my personal mission to be sure every single person knows there’s an easier way to shred chicken than with two forks.

So let’s get started.

  1. Kitchen-Aid (or any brand) stand-up mixer. This choice is by far my favorite.  You can read the details about how to do it here.
  1. Hand held mixer. This choice works really well, too.  You can read about it here.
  1. Food processor. This is not the best choice but it will work.  You just have to be really careful not to pulverize the chicken.  You can read about it here.

So if you’ve never shredded chicken with one of these ordinary kitchen tools, you should cook some chicken and try it today.  You won’t believe how much easier and quicker it is.  Seriously.

Did you know you can shred chicken with your mixer?  Have you ever done it?

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2 thoughts on “3 Easier Ways to Shred Chicken than With 2 Forks!

    1. You should have seen me after I did it the first time. I was dancing and singing around the kitchen. I was SO happy! I didn’t believe it would work and was thrilled when it did. It’s amazing!!!

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