4 Food Journals To Help With Weight Loss and/or Healthy Eating

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Everybody knows that if you want to lose weight or eat better, keeping a food journal makes a huge difference.  I’ve kept food journals in the past but haven’t lately.  However, it’s time to start again.

I’ve had the most success keeping my food journal in my planner (of course, that makes sense since I carry my planner with me nearly everywhere).  So I went through the forms I’ve made in the past and found my favorite four.  Now I just have to pick which one to use.


Food Journal Large

Food Journal Large in Planner

Food Journal 1

This Food Journal is printed on 8-1/2 x 11 paper and then folded up and kept in your purse, bag or planner.  It has a column on the right for notes.  The Basics are at the bottom.  I like this one because you can see at a glance the entire week.  Sometimes when the week is over, I color code my food choices to see if I’m out of balance (which I usually am).


Food Journal 2

Food Journal 2 Classic
Food Journal 2 Compact
Food-Journal-2-Personal (1)

This Food Journal is similar to a check register.  You can put the total calories for the day and subtract each food you eat or you can add the total up as you go.  I prefer adding as I go – it makes me feel like I have more left.  When I see only 200 left, for example, I panic a bit.


Food Journal 3

Food Journal 3 – Classic
Food Journal 3 – Compact
Food Journal 3 – Personal

I think this one is my favorite.  I’m not sure why.  You’ll notice there’s no box for an evening snack.  I have acid reflux so it’s best if I don’t have an evening snack.  However, I’ve been having an evening snack forever so I usually end up having one anyway.  If I do, I just put in the evening box or exercise box.

On this form, I write the calories in the box on the left, add them up for that meal, and write the total in the column on the right.


Food Journal 4

Food Journal 4 Classic
Food Journal 4 Compact
Food Journal 4 Personal

This Food Journal works exactly like a check register.  You enter your total calories or points for the day at the top and then subtract as you eat.  On the right are the Basics you can check off as you go.

By the way, the abbreviations stand for:

  • F/V – fruits and vegetables
  • M – milk
  • Vit – vitamin (I don’t remember to take one if I don’t write it down)
  • Ex – exercise (The boxes for exercise can be for any amount you want.  I usually use them as 15 minute increments.)

So I’m going to print off some food journals for my planner and get back on track.  How about you?

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21 thoughts on “4 Food Journals To Help With Weight Loss and/or Healthy Eating

  1. Thank you, these printouts are perfect! I just have a week on two pages and jot everything down, but these are so much better. I too forget the basics if it isn’t right there in my face.

  2. Thanks for posting this; I’ve been needing a kickstart to get back on track – I was using MyFitnessPal, but the need to be online is a pain. My filo is going to be much easier to keep up to date!

  3. I have been using MyFitnessPal for almost a year now and while it worked great at the beginning it’s just become a habit of clicking off the food and hitting save. I’m not as aware of my food as I used to be. So, I’ve decided to start writing my food down again because it forces me to be more aware of what I’m eating. I’ve been just writing it down in my filofax on the side of my day (week on 2pgs) but I may try one of these to see if it’s easier to fit it all in!

  4. Horrors! I downloaded your food journal, because my weight has ballooned and I needed to do something quick. Looking at the calories I consume has been just awful, but oh boy, no wonder I have gained so much. Haven’t been doing this for long, but I know it will help a lot! Thanks

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    has some overlapping. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up!
    Other then that, superb blog!

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