5 Bad Reasons I Don’t RSVP

There are a lot of rude people out there and I’m one of them – at least as far as sending RSVP’s.  I rarely RSVP when I receive an invitation and here’s why:

1.       My life is so busy I don’t know if I’ll be free then or not.  Even though the calendar may be clear, I know something will probably come up that I have to do so I don’t want to have to cancel later.

2.       I don’t want to go but I feel like I should.  So I put off sending the RSVP while I try to talk myself into going.  Then – oops – it’s over and I never responded.

3.       Usually when I say “yes” to something, by the time it gets here, I don’t want to go.  I’m sorry I said yes and sometimes I blow off the event even though I said I was going.  I’m sorry if I’ve done that to you.

4.       I just can’t decide and my brain hurts from all the decisions I have to make every day so I just don’t decide.

5.       I put it off and then conveniently forget to ever respond.

I know.  I’m a bad person.  And having been on the other side of the RSVP a few times, trying to plan an event without knowing who or how many will attend is

very challenging!
and limiting!!!
and frustrating!!!

How difficult is it to let someone know whether you’re coming or not?  It’s not.

I’ve been rude in the past.  I apologize to anyone I neglected to RSVP or anyone I told I was coming but then didn’t show.  I’m turning over a new leaf.

The bottom line is that it’s rude not to respond when someone invites you to something regardless of what it is.  What about you?  Do you think it’s necessary to RSVP?  Do you RSVP?

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6 thoughts on “5 Bad Reasons I Don’t RSVP

  1. I appreciate your transparency. I read something funny that was supposedly printed at the bottom of an invitation after the RSVP. It stated, “If you decide to attend without sending us your RSVP, please plan to bring your own chair and snack.” 🙂

  2. I’m also not very good about giving an RSVP but I do try because I know how frustrating it can be to try and plan without being sure of guests especially say if you are doing party favors. One trend I’ve noticed and simply love is invitations that state: Regrets Only. I like that because it takes the mystery of out of the RSVP. Helps people who may think RSVP means only call if you are attending or only call if you are not attending. I like this because then I can simply plan on attending or if I know I’m not, I can call right away (ideally) with my regrets.

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