5 Homemaking Methods I Have Tried

5 Homemaking Methods I Have Tried*This post contains affiliate links.

The reality is I am not a great homemaker. My house stays just this side of horrible most days. Other days I lose the battle and it becomes like a corn maze – with junk instead of corn. For decades I have sought out books to help me become the homemaker I see in my head.

You know the one. Her uniform involves an apron and high heels. Well I do often wear an apron, but if you find me in heels just know that you are dreaming. Heels were devised as a torture device. I prefer more creative ways to fall and break my neck, like falling over a pile of junk right inside the front door.

From what I have seen of amazing homemakers, there is always a method to their madness. My mother in law is an amazing homemaker. If you find an item out of place in her home it is because one of the grand kids came in and tossed their belongings all over the place. My grandmother is another one, and her home is the same way. If there is something out of place it is because of grand kids, or great-grand kids at this point, or my grandfather.

Here are a few methods or resources I have used over the years. Some worked for a while then I fell off the train with them, others never worked.

1. Home Comforts: The Art and Science of Keeping House – This book is amazing. It has everything from how to fold a fitted sheet to how to vacuum hardwood floors. It is one of the few books that I have repurchased because I wore it out. I still use it to refer back to but it is more of a reference material than a method.

flylady.net2. Flylady – Dress all the way down to tying your shoes every morning no matter what. Scrub your sink even if you do nothing else. Those are two of the main things I remember about her theories. She has amazing cleaning advice and a large line of products. I was overwhelmed by the amount of emails and the complexity of her system so I stopped attempting to use it. It never worked for me.

Motivated Moms
Motivated Moms

3. Pomodoro+Brain Dump – A brain dump is just writing everything in your head on paper. Need to give the dog a bath?Write it down. Send off a thank you note? Write it down. Use the Pomodoro method to complete the list.

4. Motivated Moms App – I liked that this app had most of the stuff we have to do each day already planned out for me but between my ADD and need to customize everything I didn’t stick with it.

5. Household Binders – Once again I got into my own head and spent too much time planning it out and the SQUIRREL. I never completed any of the ones I started thank you ADD.

There are more things I have tried that I can’t remember. In the end what really worked for me is coming up with my own solution. #3 The Pomo-Dump as I call it worked the best for me. I use it more consistently than any other method. When I am doing what I need to do to keep me healthy I use it daily. I created my own template for it. I call it my C.O.R.E. cleaning sheet.  I will share it with you in the next post.

What are some methods or references that have worked for you? How about the ones that didn’t? Comment and tell me!
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4 thoughts on “5 Homemaking Methods I Have Tried

  1. I have a *CLEANING FAIRY* come to my home every other Tuesday. She can clean in four hours what would take me four days to do. Yes, I do tidy up the clutter so she can work her magic.

    I like Fly Lady a LOT and read her digest page each day for inspiration. I may or may not do what she is suggesting for the day, she is not the boss of me.

    I get up and make the bed each and every morning. One load of laundry a day keeps CHAOS away. I do not leave the kitchen or sink messy at night because I hate waking up to a trashed kitchen.

    Reading HD each day is wonderful! CAT

  2. I giggle to read that you don’t consider yourself a great homemaker. I have on my to-do list this week, “Establish a cleaning routine. Do research on Homemaker’s Daily for ideas!”, no exaggeration! I will definitely read the CORE post next.

  3. Make a list of chores you want done each day, stick a dollar bill by it and tell your kids if they do that chore they can have the money 🙂 but seriously, I think every woman on earth needs to have a little OCD! I don’t have a routine. I have OCD. If I see dirt on my rug, I vacuum it, no matter how big or small the mess. If the sink in the bathroom is dirty with tooth paste or hair or anything else that gets in it, I clean it. I don’t make my bed every day, I don’t see the point. No one goes in my bedroom and I am just getting back in the bed at night so what’s the point? Dishes and laundry are another story lol. I DESPISE DOING DISHES! The absolute worse job in the stay at home mom daily ritual! Nothing works for me except just getting off my dead booty and doing it. My house isn’t unkept but by no means is it immaculate. I clean, my husband helps and our kids do their part. Nobody can have a spotless home no matter who you are. If you do, you’re wasting a lot of time that can be spent on more important things like children and making memories with them.

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