5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Clean Your House if You’re Hosting Thanksgiving

Yes.  You read that right.  You should not clean your house if you’re hosting Thanksgiving.  I do not mean that you shouldn’t vacuum, do your dishes or other basic clean-up.  What I’m talking about is that tendency, right before company comes, to do things like clean the windows, polish the silver, shampoo the carpets, reorganize the cabinets, etc.  Do NOT do that!  Here’s why:

  1. No one is coming over to see how well clean your house is.  They’re coming for the food!!!
  2. Once you get a houseful of people, you’re not going to be able to tell if the floor is perfectly clean or the furniture is polished.
  3. You have to prioritize.  If your list includes working, cooking meals, cooking for Thanksgiving, food shopping, taking care of your family, running errands, laundry, etc. – you’re probably not going to have enough time for deep cleaning.  Deep cleaning will have to wait for another time.
  4. One of the focuses of Thanksgiving is spending time with family.  If you’re trying to do all those regular daily things in #3 plus deep cleaning, you’re going to be exhausted and you won’t enjoy the time with your family.  You might even be grouchy.  So forget about the deep cleaning so you can enjoy your family.
  5. And finally, you’re going to spend all that time cleaning, and after everybody leaves, you’re going to have to do it all over!  If you must clean, why not wait until after Thanksgiving.  Then your efforts will actually last longer than a few hours and you and your family can enjoy the clean house.

So don’t clean your house before Thanksgiving.  Do your daily basics and forget about the  rest.  Remember, it’s all about the food and family – not the cleaning!

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