6 Tips to Make Product Returns Easier



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Have you ever purchased something only to find that it didn’t work out? Maybe it was too big, too small, broken or just the wrong item.  Returning the item can be easy or a nightmare.

I’ve returned a lot of things over the years and I’ve learned how to do it so it’s fairly painless.  Here are my best tips:

1.      Keep the receipt.  Some places don’t require that you have a receipt, but it’s always easier if you do.  I have a folder in my filing cabinet for “special” receipts – higher dollar items or items that could be returned if need be.  Other receipts go in the folder for that month.  Either way, they’re easy to retrieve.

2.       Keep the packaging.  Again, some places don’t require that you have the packaging, but most do.  So keep every piece of paper, cardboard, packing and whatever else was in the box until you can no longer return it.  Put everything back in the box and stash it somewhere.  Then make a note on your calendar when you can throw it away and where it is!

3.       Pay attention to how it’s packaged.  Some products have really complicated packaging.  If I have to return it, I want to be able to put it back as close to the original packaging as possible.  So I either pay close attention to how it’s packaged or I take a couple of photos with my iPhone.  Then if I have to put it back, it’s much easier.

4.       Be careful when you open the package.  If you tear it up, it’s harder to return the item.  If you keep it nice, it’s much easier.

5.       If you know you’re going to return something, return it as quickly as possible.  If you wait until the last minute, something could happen to prevent you from getting to the store.  Or you could be off a day or two on the date and miss the cutoff. Or you could just forget!

6.       If you can, return the item at a time when the store isn’t as busy.  Returns typically take a while so if you go when the store isn’t busy you might not have to wait as long.

Of course, it’s always better to buy the right product from the start but it doesn’t always work that way.  So if you have to return something, following these tips should make it much easier.

What do you do to make returns easier?

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