A Creative Solution to a Planner Emergency



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Have you ever gone into your planner stash for next week’s pages only to find that you didn’t have any?!  That happened to my daughter-in-law, Ashley, a couple of weeks ago.  She had been happily using the Lime Tree Fruits daily/weekly pages this year but suddenly realized she didn’t have any more pages printed out.  Unfortunately her printer isn’t working so just printing out some more pages wasn’t an option.

But rather than give up on the pages she loves, she made her own using Raine’s format.  I was so impressed with her efforts that I wanted to share them, just in case something like that ever happens to you!  Ashley probably won’t do it this way forever, but for now, she’s having fun with it.

Here’s what her pages normally look like:

Lime Tree Fruits

Here are the pages from the first week:

Lime Tree Fruits

Ashley used graph paper for the full-size pages and lined filofax paper for the half sheets along with some stickers and washi tape.  Unlike the normal inserts, she made the half sheets a little smaller so she could put a Bible verse between the weekly and dailies for inspiration and encouragement.

By the second week, she got even a little more creative:

Lime Tree Fruits

She’s still using the graph paper for the full sheets.  On the left side of the full sheet, she recorded her weekly plan.  Do you see the Hello Kitty page finder? That’s actually a playing card.  She uses it as a page marker and a place for some “traveling reminders”.

Lime Tree Fruits

Instead of the lined filofax paper for the daily pages, she cut up an old Hello Kitty notebook for some very cute daily pages:

Lime Tree Fruits

Lime Tree Fruits

Lime Tree Fruits

There you have it.  Ashley turned a planner emergency into an opportunity for creativity.

Have you ever run out of pages and had to improvise? I’d love to hear what you did.

And if you’re interested in the Lime Tree Fruits planner pages, they’re available here.  Tell Raine we sent you!

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Born in Kentucky, I am a wife and mom to 1 son and 2 daughters . I have an ink pen obsession, as well as a love for all things planner. I have been married for 10 years to my high school crush. I am a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

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17 thoughts on “A Creative Solution to a Planner Emergency

  1. Thanks for all your planner ideas. Thanks to you I am using a planner again after Many years not using one. So much more peaceful with a planner. I’m not forgetting things anymore. I’m planning on using your directions to make my own pages today. After reading your posts I realized that I need different pages for days I work and days I am staying home. I had never thought of that before. Great ideas!!!

  2. Hi, Paatty! If you and your DIL Ashley want to change your lines of work, you could create nifty, cute, sensible, and totally useable planner pages. Wow!

    I love “Hello Kitty” anything… Well, almost anything. Now you have me scouring through my craft supplies and paper stock…

    I love the methodology behind the Lime Tree Fruits Weekly Planner. Using it actually gives you a page and a half of jotting space. I have been using it now for about three months. My “One Month Experiment” with that format showed me a whole better way of dealing with my own attempts to “meld” weekly and daily planning. Now Askley comes along and gives me more ideas! You two are a great team!

    Okay, going to pull out my supplies and see what happens. I have to print more forms and today is a good day for that. I mean, oddly enough, there was nothing on the board that had to be done that has not already been handled. Definitely on top of things today!

  3. Thank you, Dianne!!! Man that makes me feel good. So glad you like them!

    I LOVE Hello Kitty but I would like to switch it up from HK to some other pretty paper too, so if you find anything epic, let me know! I’m having a hard time finding anything with a faint enough pattern to use as pages for my planner.

  4. In a phrase, Dollar Store finds! Seriously. I get most of my pretty design paper from Dollar Tree. Granted, the package are small — maybe 10 sheets to 25 sheets per pack, but the designs are great. I have one now that has pretty butterfly images on the top and bottom borders. Using this for my weekly planner would be great. I just have to determine the direction o print so that the holes can be punched to the edge. The weekly pages from Lime Tree Fruits are not going to be printed on this. I will use my “old standby” weekly planner page n the left and Summary?Transfer page on the right. Between those two pages, I have the Daily pages that are all printed to be on the right side of the planner. The back sides of those sheets are plain lined for notes and other notations so that things can be moved as needed. That allows me to reschedule things if they are not done when I wanted to do them.

    Most computer paper has top and/or bottom borders, but some of it has an all over print — like wallpaper. I check at the dollar sores while shopping for other things to see if they have something that will work for me. The back side of computer paper is always plain, so it works perfectly for what I typically do.

    Plain color tinted paper works for specific tasks because I use them with my color code. Green is either for financial stuff or planning pages (item specific); Yellow is for upcoming or more urgent planning; Blue is for repeating items and rutines — usually home or vehicle items; pink is for Urgent and must do things. I have forms to use that are quite “generic” so I print what I need plus a few to have handy and off I go on my planning project.

    Keep in mind that I have multiple planner in use. My primary planner is with me nearly everywhere. I also have a “Household Planner”, Holiday Planner, Renovation Planner, and Event planner. I just finished working on a wedding. The next big event is a High School Graduation, and have just started planning another wedding.

    As you can see, I am “involved”. My kids ask me to develop their planners and each of them has different requirements. My grandkids are now at an age that developing the planner habit will be beneficial for school and social needs. The members of our ladies group at church all use some form of planner to keep us with ministry matters.

    Planners can be used in so many different ways, which is what makes them, IMHO, much better than the technological tools today. My planner is backed up in print and on a thumb drive. The “take a picture” method is terrific when I don’t have time to enter everything where it should go. I can go back to my photo file and find what I need.

    Keep going with the planner ideas, Patty! I am thoroughly enjoying the learning experience.


  5. I love the verse she has on her page, but it wasn’t the same when I looked it up?
    I love the improvise! Very creative!

    1. Ashley, you’re right. The reference isn’t correct. I looked around trying to find the correct reference but came up empty. I’ll ask her. I’m pretty sure it’s out of The Message. I’ll let you know the reference.

  6. I have also used “half size” notebooks for planners. They are much less expensive. The notebooks are used at home or for “event” planning. I give the binders to the married couples when I am done with the wedding. Most of the planning stuff is removed. What remains is a complete address book for them to use for holidays and lots of paper for things that they might want to plan ahead for… like babies and holidays, etc.

  7. Raine is very talented. I enjoy her colorful, positive printables. But I got to say, in this instance I like Ashley’s “inspired by” even better than the original that inspired it!

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