A New Planner Page & a Motivation Trick

New Planner Pages & a Motivation Trick 1

New Planner Pages & a Motivation Trick 1

Most of you know that I’ve been a Franklin Covey girl for a long, long time.  I wander off the path occasionally but I usually end up back in my Franklin.  However, I’ve been downsizing and the compact feels too big.  So I cut the Franklin Covey compact pages down and put them in my Filofax Personal Guildford.  I haven’t decided whether I can handle them that way or not.  I don’t have a problem with the smaller size but I’m not thrilled about the hole placement.

New Planner Pages & a Motivation Trick 1

I also cut down the monthly pages.  I wasn’t sure I could live with those but something happened yesterday that made me realize I couldn’t.  I was scheduling a doctor’s appointment for the first week of March and the hole removed the number for the day.  When I was looking at my calendar, I was SO confused.  I also HATE a Sunday start.  So I decided the smaller sized Franklin Covey monthlies have to go.  I’m going with the Day Timer monthlies which fit and have a Monday start.

New Planner Pages & a Motivation Trick 1


New Planner Pages & a Motivation Trick 1

I’ve been struggling with motivation for a while. I either haven’t been making daily plans or I’ve been making them and not doing them.  The bottom line is that I’m not getting things done and that makes me feel bad about myself and that makes me even less motivated.  It’s a vicious cycle!

So I decided it was time for a change – some new pages and a new planning strategy.  I like the Franklin Covey pages but they’re not perfect for my life. I went on-line (again!) and stumbled across these awesome pages by Marsia Bramucci.  I absolutely LOVE them! Take a look:

New Planner Pages & a Motivation Trick 1


Part of my lack of motivation with planning and doing is the fact that my plans change so fast!  Before I get out of bed, the daily plan I made the night before is trash.  I make a new daily plan and it might make it to lunch but then everything changes again.  So instead of being overwhelmed and unproductive, I pulled out a strategy that has worked well for me in the past – 5 things at a time.  And Marsia’s pages are perfect for it.

Take a look at a page that’s filled out:

New Planner Pages & a Motivation Trick 1

In the upper left corner, I put the things I really need to do that day.  Those are priorities.  I don’t have to do them first – I just have to do them sometime that day.

Then in the bullet section below, I write a list of five things I can do right now.  I work on that list, and when it’s done, I make another list of five.  The tasks are usually small so I can get them done quickly.  At the end of the day, I write the total of tasks completed and that’s my score for the day.

The benefit to this system is that I can plan based on what’s going on right now.  Earlier today I knew I had about 10 minutes before my daughter-in-law got here so I wrote down tasks I could do while I waited.  If I knew I had some time I could sit at my desk (I don’t get to do that often), I would have written down desk tasks.

There’s no rearranging because I’m planning for right now.  And there’s something about making that list of five that doesn’t allow me to skip anything.  I can’t think of a time when I’ve decided not to do something.  I might not be able to do it right this minute, but I get it done as quick as I can get back to the list.

Whenever I use this strategy, I am so much more productive.  And being productive makes me happy.

What do you do to jump start your motivation?


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8 thoughts on “A New Planner Page & a Motivation Trick

  1. I, too, have been very unmotivated and this came just as I have been struggling with being down on myself for it. I really like the idea of 5 things and then the next 5. Maybe I wouldn’t feel so overwhelmed if I try that process. My pattern is I get overwhelmed and then do nothing! Thanks for the idea!

    1. That’s exactly what I do, too. The last several days I’ve been using the 5 things method and have been so much more productive. I’ve been using this technique on and off for years and it always works.

      Don’t beat yourself up about not being motivated. I’ve been there and done that and it doesn’t help anything. Just keep trying different things until you feel motivated again.

  2. Remember, it’s winter, the holidays are over and the snow is always around the corner. Don’t beat yourself up: what is important will get done.

  3. I like this list of five business! I get daunted by a full list for a day, even if it’s normal things – it just makes my head shut down. I read what’s on it, sure, but I’m not actually grasping (consciously) what I’m supposed to be doing. I would, however, have to have a master list somewhere, because I know if I didn’t write it all down when I’m thinking about it, I would forget some bits and pieces – some selectively, some not 😉

    1. Absolutely have a master list. That’s what you pull from. In the near future I’m going to write about this in greater detail. It really is very helpful.

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