My name is Patty Gardner and I’m a full-time homemaker. I’ve been homemaking a long time and have gone through many phases of life including newlywed, stay-at-home mom of two, homeschooler, full-time employee and now empty nester and grandma! I’ve learned a lot through the years, and unfortunately, most of it was learned the hard way! But that’s not all bad because it gives me lots of material for articles (and plenty of funny stories, too).

The purpose of this blog is to share what I’ve learned with other homemakers. The articles are directed toward all homemakers in all phases of life. What you’ll find here is practical, nitty gritty, to-the-point articles to help you in your everyday life as you try to stretch your budget and your time and make a home for your family!

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Also writing for Homemakersdaily is my daughter-in-law, Ashley Gardner.  Ashley is a full-time homemaker with a house full including her husband, Danny, 3-year old Ivy, 2-year old Calvin, two crazy cats and a 1-year old golden retriever.  Should I say “circus”!



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