Address Books – 12 Ways To Use Them & Why

address bookTraditionally the address book was used for names, addresses, and phone numbers.  But there is a whole lot more information you can put in your book that will make you feel like you have it all together – whether you do or not!

It is especially helpful if you put your address book in your planner and carry the planner with you.  Or if you have a small one that can go anywhere with you like mine.

I have a 3×5 Day Runner address book that I leave by my desk. When needed I toss it in my purse and go. But that’s a topic we will tackle another day.

Address books are obviously for phone numbers and addresses.  But there is so much more you can include.

12 New Address Book Uses


Website Users

We have all had to click the dreaded ‘Lost You Password?’ link. User names and passwords can be filed by website. Recording the passwords in code keeps you from letting loose information if you were to lose the book.

How to code your passwords? Examples are A=1 and a=! or !=a and 1=A and so on. Or you could use words like cat would mean the name of your cat with the same letters always capitalized. As for numbers you could always put 19 in front of them or 20. For instance if the number is 8 you would write 1908 or 2008 etc.


Using the same system of passwords  you may use the address book to record information regarding utility accounts, health insurance, mortgage company, and the list goes on.


Refill information for printers, battery sizes for watches and other special sizes, air unit filter size, etc. To file these things I put my HVAC filter under H for HVAC. If you call yours by another name that is the letter I would suggest filing under. There is no benefit to filing this info in this way if you can’t remember what you filed it under.

Product Models

You can also include model numbers of household products. If you are out and see a good deal on accessories for your specific model of mixer for example there will be no question if your model will match the accessory on sale.

Policy Numbers

I am the words worst about policy and account numbers. Recently I needed to call our internet provider because of an outage only to realize I had the phone number but not my account number. I have paperless billing so I had to go through an alternate process to verify my account. For the longest time I had to call in to pay my auto insurance because I couldn’t remember the policy number.

This type of information doesn’t need to be coded in my opinion. Others may think so. If you think so then code it if not – don’t :).

License Plates

Believe it or not you may need this one day. I don’t want to be the one asking for trouble but if it comes I want to be prepared. That is why if someone were to ever steal my cars I would know exactly where to find the plate numbers when reporting the car stolen to the police.

Parental Lock Codes

It really doesn’t matter if it is for a video game, or the code you can use to lock your teenager out of their phone if they don’t call you back. Codes can be hard to remember. If you have sneaky kids like me you will need to code this information.

Annual Purchase #’s

This is a great place to store order numbers for products purchased annually, like a Quicken update or Turbo Tax. Along those same lines storing last years tax refund or pmt can allow you to quickly recall the information when tax season comes back around.

Hair Color

I have tried many many colors on my hair. It doesn’t make a difference if you color at home or at a salon. Once you find a color you like and want to stick with you can be sure that as soon as you walk back in the store to get a replacement box for touch ups you will have forgotten the number. In my case I also forgot the brand. Overachiever I know.

Put the brand and color code in your address book. Even if you go to the salon. You may have need to use another stylist at some point, how helpful would it be to be able to tell your new stylist that you use ABC color in Light Blonde with 30 weight developer? Plus it makes you look like you know what you are doing.

Gift Cards

I recently got a gift card from Barnes&Noble from a settlement with Apple. They emailed me a credit certificate number and pin. I put that information under my B&N account in my address book so that when I needed to shop there again I wouldn’t have to be searching through 100 emails to get the information I needed.


Listing by name add birthdays and anniversaries of your family and friends. This will ensure that Facebook doesn’t have to be the one to remind you that your sisters birthday was yesterday!

Clothing Sizes

This is also helpful for kids, just be sure to write with pencil or Pilot FriXion Pen! You can add gift ideas as well. When filing things under a persons name I often use 2 sets of lines depending on how much I record about them.

Once you start entering this type of information into your address book, you’ll probably think of lots of other things that can be included.  And one of these days, probably sooner than you think, your address book will save you a lot of time and trouble because of the information you recorded there.

Can you think of other things you would add to your address book?

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7 thoughts on “Address Books – 12 Ways To Use Them & Why

  1. Looks good. I will watch for comments that will help me. I am going to try the address book. I put some things in my address book but not all the ones you suggested.


  2. Love, love, love your blog! I like the information on how to use an address book. But I am struggling to find a good format. Do you have any suggestions or favorite brands?

    1. I use the Franklin Covey compact address pages. I LOVE them! However, I think Day Timer sells a good one, too. My favorites are the ones where the tabs are attached directly onto the page – not the ones where the divider page is blank. They take up less space that way.

        1. The ones I have are ones I purchased. These days when you buy a refill, you don’t automatically get the address pages. You have to buy the Master Pack (or whatever it’s called). But even then it’s not the “good” pages. They sell a package of address pages for about $9 that are awesome. They’re tabbed with the alphabet and you write the addresses directly on the dividers. I love them.

          Here’s a link to one set of the address pages:

          1. Oh, that’s funny! I bought the planner pack in the Blooms design. I definitely will HAVE to make a run to Staples. 🙂

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