An Important Item You Might Not Be Writing in Your Planner

An Important Item You Might Not Be Writing in Your Planner

An Important Item You Might Not Be Writing in Your Planner


So we all know that planners are for writing down what we need to do.  But there’s something else we can write down that can also be very helpful.

What we’re not going to do!

Have you ever had one of those moments when you looked at your calendar and saw that a recurring appointment wasn’t written down?  You couldn’t remember whether there was a reason it wasn’t written down or if you just forgot to write it down.  You stressed over it until you finally double-checked.

That’s happened to me a lot so I solved that problem by writing down when I’m not doing something that I usually do.  If the grandkids come over every Friday night to spend the night (which I always write on my calendar) but one week they’re not coming, where I would normally write “kids”, I write “NO kids”.  That way, when I’m planning my week, I’ll know, without a doubt, that the kids aren’t coming and I didn’t just forget to write it down.

Yes, it takes up space on the calendar that could be used for something else, but it’s worth it to me.   It eliminates stress, second-guessing and having to spend time following up.

Do you ever write down when you’re NOT doing something?

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8 thoughts on “An Important Item You Might Not Be Writing in Your Planner

  1. I feel this is like writing down days when there isn’t school. Yes, it’s something on a calendar the school district makes sure everyone knows about, but it’s something out of the regular, so it gets noted. In your case, it’s the kids not being over, and it’s out of the ordinary, so it makes perfect sense to write it down, but I do agree that it’s not something one would normally think to note!

    1. Absolutely, Elena. I do that, too. I take a break every day at 3:00 and have been forever! I also stop working about 8:00 or 8:30 and sit on the couch with my husband to quilt or plan while we watch tv. And, of course, now that football season is here, that’s on my schedule, too!!!

  2. We’ve been doing this on our monthly wall calendar (Amy Knapp – love it!) for years. But since we also maintain the family schedule in our iPhones, we weren’t doing it there. We would just delete the recurring item when it wasn’t going to happen.

    Then my husband just started doing it for the kids activities. He put No Karate or No Gymnastics in the spot it would have been. Brilliant!

    Like you, I was always wondering if I had goofed up or it was canceled, so this has been the no-brainer that saves me that moment of panic.

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