Aprons Aren’t Just for Cooking!



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I don’t have a lot of clothes so I try hard to protect the ones I have from stains, tears and shrinkage.  I do a pretty good job, but twice in the last three days, while doing dishes, I’ve gotten something on two of my shirts that did NOT come out in the washer, even with pre-treatment.  Really?  Did I forget how to do dishes while I was without a sink???

So as a result, I’ve started wearing my apron while I do dishes.  And that got me thinking.  Who says aprons are just for cooking?!  There are lots of other times when it might be appropriate to wear an apron.  Like when I’m

  • Cleaning
  • Giving the dog a bath
  • Cleaning up a mess
  • Eating something messy
  • Feeding a baby
  • Putting on makeup

I think I might even buy a couple more aprons – one for cooking, one for cleaning and one for everything else.

How about you?  Do you wear an apron when you cook?  Have you ever thought about wearing an apron for other tasks, too?

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16 thoughts on “Aprons Aren’t Just for Cooking!

    1. Me neither, Lisa, until I made such a mess of my clothes. I think I’m going to get a couple to have on hand. I’m definitely going to start wearing one when I clean. And if I ever get the new dishwasher, maybe I won’t need to wash dishes anymore!

  1. At our house, whomever doesn’t cook does clean up. And it’s usually me. Since I’m generally still in business attire, I wear an apron. I also have a few festive aprons for when we host parties (I do cook on those days).

  2. I ALWAYS wear an apron. It’s like the final accessory to all of my outfits. 🙂 I pretty much wear it all day. I’ve often thought that I should get like seven aprons and own just a few shirts and pairs of pants! By the way, I love your blog. Thanks for putting your efforts into it so we can all enjoy.

    1. Is your husband’s apron handy? If he has to go retrieve it, he probably won’t. I personally think the aprons need to be easily accessible. You should try putting it somewhere visible and convenient and see what happens.

  3. I wear aprons or cleaning smocks. Have you seen the shirt like jackets that hospital volunteers wear? They have big patch pockets and they aer really great for when I am cleaning stuff that can splatter or fly around — think ceiling fans and such. My niece makes a new apron for me every Christmas. It is our tradition. Christmas would not be complete without my new apron. It arrives in a package marked “Do open before Christmas”.

  4. I agree they are suitable for many things. If I remember 🙂 to put it on, I usually keep it on all day. I like them especially for gardening with big pockets.

  5. Keeping the aprons “handy” reminded me of something. My husband has an apron that he uses when he is using the grill. I wash it up when he is done with it along with his towels and other things and keep them in a huge zipper bag that hangs off the handle of the grill. He always knows where to find it. My apron/smock is on a hook inside our pantry. It is a reach-in cabinet, so I can simply swing the door open and grab it off of its hook. My other smocks are in the hallway coat closet because I keep my cleaning supply basket in there. If it is not handy, it will not be used, or I will spend more time trying to find the things I need/want.

  6. I wear an apron while i clean maybe even two one right on after another!! But ive been thinking maybe we should start wearing aprons while doing our daily lives? I mean cmon aprons could be a new clothing line in the near future and we shouldnt be shy to wear it out in public!! So cmon ladies and men lets get our stylish aprons on when we go out to shiw ppl what we mean!!

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