When You Smell Natural Gas, Don’t Ignore It!

natural gas

No, nothing happened except that I did smell natural gas yesterday and it was a little scary. The temperature dropped during the night so David turned the furnace on when he got up.  When I got up a few hours later, I smelled natural gas.  We’ve had some issues with our furnace so I was worried there was a problem.  I shut it off.  I didn’t worry about it too much since I had turned the furnace … [Read more...]

Brain Dump or Master List – What’s the Difference?

Brain Dump, Master List

Brain dumps and master lists.  They’re similar but not the same. Brain Dump To do a brain dump you sit down with a blank sheet of paper and record everything that’s floating around in your brain.  The list includes anything and everything.  It’s not just limited to tasks but also to goals, dreams and desires.  It can be things you need to do today, tomorrow or someday. You usually do it in one … [Read more...]

What’s On Your Refrigerator?


My refrigerator is not clutter-free and it never will be.  I try to keep the clutter to a minimum, but I can’t eliminate it because it’s a perfect place to keep track of a few things. Here’s what’s on my refrigerator: A conveniently located pencil for adding items to the grocery list. A grocery list.  This is a Franklin Covey form that I’ve been using for years.  I’ve made several … [Read more...]

Progress Report: Fixer Upper Week 48


I have an important announcement: The exterior painting is done!!!!! Halleluiah!  I was beginning to wonder if we would ever finish.  But it’s done and it looks great.  Just as a reminder of how far we’ve come, here’s a photo of the house when we bought it: Here are some photos of the different sides so you can see that everything really is done: Besides finishing … [Read more...]

What’s For Dinner (No. 141)

Baked Chicken with Parmesan Crust

We tried several new recipes this week and all of them were winners.  David’s still eating gluten free so all of this are either naturally gluten free or use a few gluten free products.  Sunday’s Baked Chicken Breasts used gluten free bread crumbs.  It was delicious, by the way! Monday Mexican Casserole (NEW) GF Green Beans Tuesday Baked Salmon (NEW) (GF) Baked Sweet Potatoes (NEW) … [Read more...]

Baked Salmon (GF)

Baked Salmon

I’m new to the world of salmon and still trying to find great recipes.  My go-to is simply salmon brushed with olive oil and sprinkled with lemon pepper and then baked in the oven or on the George Foreman.  But I like variety – even if I’m not eating it (not a fan of fish).  So here’s my latest find which David said was one of his favorites so far. Ingredients: 2 cloves garlic 6 … [Read more...]

Chipotle Sweet Potato & Brown Rice Egg Skillet (GF)

Chipotle Sweet Potato & Brown Rice Egg Skillet (GF)

You can probably guess that I didn’t eat this but David loved it!  He had it for dinner and then he had the leftovers for breakfast the next day. Ingredients: ½ tablespoon olive oil ¼ red onion 2 tablespoons minced poblano pepper (1) 1 medium sweet potato, shredded Juice of 1 lime plus more, to garnish (2) 2 tablespoons water ½ cup cooked brown rice (3) ½-1 teaspoon chipotle … [Read more...]