When Life Messes up your Menu Plan

What's For Dinner (195)
We’ve been experimenting with a paleo diet lately so I haven’t bothered making detailed menu plans.  I’ve pretty much just been shopping the perimeter of the store for meats, vegetables, fruits and nuts. But cooking without recipes and menus and making dishes that are really, really plain gets old and boring.  So last week I actually looked through a bunch of paleo websites and found some recipes that looked good. Unfortunately, most of them were the type of recipes I hate – the ones that can’t be made ahead.  My preference is to throw something in the crockpot or in the oven. I don’t like making things I have to babysit. Anyway, I came up with a great menu of paleo meals for David. Continue reading “When Life Messes up your Menu Plan”

Why I Don’t Ever Want Another French Door Refrigerator

Why I Don't Ever Want Another French Door Refrigerator

French door refrigerators have been popular for a while now and David and I jumped on the bandwagon when we remodeled the kitchen at our last house.  It seemed like the perfect refrigerator.  And it does have a lot of positive qualities, like: Continue reading “Why I Don’t Ever Want Another French Door Refrigerator”

When Your Best Friend Needs a Planner . . .

When Your Best Friend Needs a Planner

Suzanne and I have been best friends for 34 years. We met when we were newlyweds and stayed friends through the early years of marriage, having and raising children, empty nests and now grandchildren.  We don’t live in the same state anymore but it doesn’t stop us from being best friends!

Through the years, I’ve always had a planner while Suzanne wasn’t really interested.  She’s dabbled with calendars but the closest she’s come to a planner, as far as I know, was the Erin Condren Planner.

But now she needs a planner.  She’s been looking on-line at ALL the options and asking me questions and she finally took the plunge and bought a planner – if you could call it that.  It was inexpensive and she got what she paid for.  It wasn’t really a planner and it wasn’t what she wanted. Continue reading “When Your Best Friend Needs a Planner . . .”

What’s For Dinner (195) & Cooking Tips, Too

What's For Dinner (195)

This week was another experimental week. David took a break from the Low FODMAP diet and tried Paleo – starting Tuesday.  It was actually quite a bit different than Low FODMAP because it included more fruits and vegetables but none of the gluten free grains.  I don’t think this will be a permanent change but he wanted to try it.  Anybody out there do paleo? I’d love to hear your experience with it. Continue reading “What’s For Dinner (195) & Cooking Tips, Too”

Life with Lucy – Six Months!

Life With Lucy - at Six Months

Lucy was the worst puppy I’ve ever seen. At six weeks old she was adorable but we could hardly touch her because she was such a biter!  Seriously – none of us wanted to pet her or hold her because she was always biting and her teeth were like razor blades.  For the first few months I had scratches and cuts on my arms where she bit me (not on purpose – she was just playing).  She drew blood nearly every day!  And the grandkids hardly moved from the couch so she wouldn’t get them, too.  She was a horrible, horrible puppy. Continue reading “Life with Lucy – Six Months!”

5 Reasons People Don’t Pick Up After Themselves

5 Reasons People Don’t Pick Up After Themselves

(and what you can do about it)

It’s SO discouraging to spend time straightening up the house only to have it destroyed within minutes by your family!  Has that ever happened to you?  It happens to me all the time and I’m guessing I’m not alone.

I never want to lie to you so I’m going to tell you straight up that there’s no way to permanently solve this problem unless you get rid of your entire family and your pets.  I don’t know about you, but even though I want a clean house, I’m not willing to go that far.  So if you’re going to keep your family and pets, you’re going to have to live with a certain level of messiness.

However, there are things that can be done to make it better.  But first you’ll have to spend some time problem solving. Continue reading “5 Reasons People Don’t Pick Up After Themselves”