Bad Cell Phone Signal? You Can Make It Better!

Cell Phone Signal

Cell Phone Signal

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When we moved to our new house last fall, we discovered immediately that our cell phone service left much to be desired.  In fact, it was nearly unusable.  The only room in the house where we could get decent signal (two or maybe three bars on a good day) was in the office, if we were standing next to the window.

At the beginning, phone use was pretty awful but texting was okay.  But then texting became awful, too.  It was taking two or three attempts to send each text.

And, of course, this was the move where we decided to finally abandon our land line.  So without a land line as a back-up, we were out of luck.  It didn’t affect David as much because he was usually making calls from his work sites where there was better signal.  But I was home in the dead zone.

My frustration grew until I’d finally had enough.  I explored my options:

1.       Get a landline.  It would require an installation charge and monthly fee.

2.       Switch cell phone providers.  Unfortunately, that would also be expensive by the time we paid an early termination fee, activation fees and purchased new phones.  And there was no guarantee a new cell phone service would solve the problem.  I checked all the coverage maps and our area was in low coverage for all of them.

3.       Get a signal booster.  My son told us about this option but when we checked, the signal boosters on Amazon were really expensive.  Then a friend who also had AT&T mentioned to me that she had gotten a signal booster and it solved her problem.  The signal booster from AT&T was $200.

Signal Booster

So after considering our options, we decided the best option was the signal booster.  We made a run to the local AT&T store, picked on up and install it as soon as we got home.

Signal Booster
You install it with your router – ours happens to be in the basement.

THE RESULTS – Well, see for yourself.

Cell Phone Signal

Now I have 5 bars in every room of my house!  That means I can talk or text wherever I want to.  I don’t have to hold the phone in the air to send a text or stand by the window in the office to have a phone conversation.  I was only a little excited when my cell phone went from one bar to five.  Okay – I was actually more than a little excited.  I just kept telling my husband, “I have FIVE bars.  I have FIVE bars.”  He finally told me I needed to calm down.

So if your cell phone signal at home leaves much to be desired and it creates problems for you, you might want to check with your cell phone company and see if they have a signal booster for purchase.  Having reliable signal has made me very, very happy.

How’s your cell phone signal? Would $200 for awesome signal be worth it to you?

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10 thoughts on “Bad Cell Phone Signal? You Can Make It Better!

  1. Thanks for the heads up about a signal booster! Never even thought about it. Family and I aren’t even close to thinking about moving but we don’t have a land line and I didn’t even think about reception for our future home.

    1. That’s what I wanted to do – help people with bad signal and let those whose signal is okay NOW know that this option exists if they ever need it. I struggled with bad signal for 8 months before I found out about it.

  2. Hi Patty, I wonder if a signal booster increases your internet speed. Or does it just improve the signal?

    1. Our internet is also iffy – the signal goes in and out. It’s through the phone lines so I don’t understand that. At any rate, I haven’t noticed an improvement in our internet speed. Like you, I wondered if it might help but I don’t think it did. My cell phone signal is awesome, though.

  3. I’m so glad that worked out for you! I love mine too. In fact, I won’t leave ATT now because of my booster.

    1. It sure did. Thanks so much for the additional information. Danny had suggested it but I hadn’t pursued it further. Hearing your comments made me go for it. It makes life a bit easier to be able to make or receive a phone call. 🙂

  4. I have quite marginal service in my home. So thanks for this heads up! I will need to check out the possibility with my provider. I have been told that the problem stems from the fact that I have 100 year old steel siding on my house. Not much to look at, but maintenance free!

    1. Definitely check with your provider. Most of them offer something to help you. I’m so much happier since I got my signal booster. I use my phone a lot and now it’s not a constant irritation.

      Interesting about the steel siding. I guess that could interfere with signal. I wonder what’s up with my house?!

  5. We got ours free from AT&T when we told them we were going with a different carrier because we couldn’t get coverage in our house. Now, if only we could get coverage anywhere else!!

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