A Few Kitchen Tips to Keep You Safe

A few Kitchen Tips to Keep You Safe

Some of these tips are from personal experience and some are from personal fears!  In case you didn’t know, I’m terrified of fire so I’m really, really careful around my gas stove.  In fact, I’m so scared of fire that I rarely burn candles.  The only time I use them is if there’s a power outage and I have no choice. And in case you’re wondering, I’ve never had a bad experience with fire so I don’t … [Read more...]

17 Cooking Shortcuts I Use ALL the Time

17 Cooking Shortcuts

  Freeze chicken breasts individually. If I have a package of 6 chicken breasts but only use 4, I freeze the other 2 individually.  I almost always have a collection of individually frozen chicken breasts in the freezer.  It’s especially nice when I just need one or two.  Plus they thaw much quicker than a package of frozen chicken breasts. After dinner, my husband divides up the … [Read more...]

How to Keep Recipes Handy While Cooking


My cooking style has changed because of David’s recently diagnosed IBS.  I’m cooking gluten free and low FODMAP.  As a result, I’ve been trying a lot of new recipes with unfamiliar ingredients, and unfortunately, most of the recipes have been the type I hate the most:  STOVE TOP.  I’ve mentioned before that my least favorite type of recipes are stove top.  I prefer baking.  In fact, I convert … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Cooking With Unfamiliar Foods

Cooking with Unfamiliar Food

My husband, David’s, diagnosis of IBS changed forever the way I cook.  I’ve always cooked reasonably healthy but the eating plan required for IBS (and lactose intolerance) turned my recipe box upside down! The biggest changes have been the avoidance of gluten, onion, garlic, beans, apples, pears and honey.  Eating for IBS utilizes a diet called the Low FODMAP diet.  If you’re interested in the … [Read more...]

Check Wrap Boxes for Exposed Edges

Kitchen Wrap Boxes

Ouch!  I had a little accident in the kitchen the other day.  It wasn’t emergency room worthy but it still hurt like heck. The accident happened when I reached into the kitchen wrap drawer to get some aluminum foil.  I reach in there all the time but this time I ran my knuckle along something VERY sharp.  When I pulled my hand back out, I had a nasty cut and a lot of blood. After I doctored … [Read more...]

Cooking Early – Why & How

crock pots

When my kids were still at home, I learned quickly that bad things happened at dinner time - or rather, when I was trying to fix dinner.  I remember things like the toilet overflowing, the dog getting in something and needing a bath, a car breaking down and having to go pick someone up.  You name it.  If something bad was going to happen, it happened during dinner prep. It got so frustrating … [Read more...]

My Biggest Cooking Mistake


Bad things occasionally happen to all cooks.  Sometimes they’re because we’re in a hurry; sometimes our equipment fails; sometimes we just don’t know what we’re doing.  The last reason was the case for me many, many years ago when I used garlic for the first time. I wasn’t familiar with garlic.  I thought it came in powder and salt and that was it.  I didn’t realize there was an actual garlic … [Read more...]