Planner Updates for Ashley & Rachel


Things change and so do planner routines.  Ashley and Rachel have both made some changes and I thought it was time to share them with you. Let’s start with Ashley. Ashley has been using a planner for a couple of years but it took her a few tries to figure out what she wanted and needed.  A few absolutes for her include: Portable size (Filofax personal works well); Colorful pages – she … [Read more...]

Planner Use: How to Use a Monthly Task List

Monthly Task List

Many monthly calendars come with a back page for monthly tasks, including Franklin Covey Daytimer DIY Fish Life Mapping Inserts. This monthly task list is often overlooked or underused but it can be a very valuable tool.  Here are some ideas for how to use the Monthly Task List: Monthly Checks. I have several tasks that I do every month.  These tasks include checking the smoke … [Read more...]

If You’re Stressed About Choosing a Planner for 2015 . . .

Planner Choice

If you haven’t chosen your planner for 2015 yet, I’m guessing you either haven’t had a chance or you’ve been stressed about what to buy and unable to decide or commit. For years I never questioned what I was getting – it was always my 2015 Franklin Covey compact.  The only decision I had to make was which design. But for about the last five years, I’ve stressed big time from about September … [Read more...]

Ending the Planner Dance


This has been my worst year for planner consistency.  I’ve been all over the place with different types of inserts and a variety of binder sizes.  I have used and unused pages all over my home office.  My storage binder for 2014 is a joke.  In all my recent years of indecision, none have been as bad as this one. But as Laurie from Plannerisms says about the planner dance, “It doesn’t end until … [Read more...]

Planning for Special Days

Planning for Special Days

Thanksgiving is coming up next week and it looks like we’re having about 22 people over for the big meal.  I love hosting Thanksgiving but it does take some planning ahead.  Thank goodness for my planner. I started something new this year that I think I’m going to do for every special day.  I decorated the Thanksgiving page in my planner with washi tape.  I also put a tab on the Thanksgiving … [Read more...]

Planner Use While Traveling

Planner Use While Traveling

Should you take your planner with you when you travel?  Well, it depends. There are different kinds of travel and the kind of travel determines whether you take your planner and how you use it. Business If you’re traveling for business, you’ll probably need your planner with you since it most likely has information you’ll need to conduct your business.  Plus, if you have downtime, you can get … [Read more...]

How to Deal With Friends Who are Chronically Late


This post is NOT about how to deal with a chronically late spouse, child or boyfriend/girlfriend.  That’s a topic for another day.  This post is about dealing with a friend who is chronically late.  A friend isn’t quite as frustrating as a spouse, child or boyfriend/girlfriend, but they’re still frustrating.  It would be nice if you could wave a magic wand and cause your friend to be on time from … [Read more...]