Webster’s Color Crush Planners

Webster's Color Crush Planner

by Ashley Gardner I've been a diehard Filofax user for quite some time now. But I get bored, and with Filofaxes being pricey, and because Filofax's current selection leaves a lot to be desired, I was delighted to see Webster's Color Crush planners come across my Facebook newsfeed. Resembling the Filofax Original, they come in all sorts of colors and even some different designs; and the … [Read more...]

Planner Use: It’s Okay to Break the Rules

planner rules

There’s no handbook on the right or wrong way to use a planner.  There are a few good books about time management that discuss planner use, but it’s mostly all about experimentation and making it work for you. That means – there are NO rules!   You can do whatever works for you and nobody can tell you you’re doing it wrong.  That being said, here are a few things I do that could be considered … [Read more...]

How to Break Down a Task

How to Break Down a Task

In David Allen’s book, Getting Things Done, he talks a lot about projects vs. tasks and how projects don’t belong on a task list.  The reason projects don’t belong on a task list is because projects take time, planning and multiple sessions to complete.  Nothing should go on a task list that can’t be completed in one step. If you find you’re not getting some of the things done on your to-do … [Read more...]

How to Plan Ahead Without Writing on Daily Pages

Franklin Covey Planner

I don’t like writing tasks on my daily pages until I’m ready to plan my day.  I’m okay with appointments or information or reminders (like someone’s surgery or birthday) but I don’t want any tasks on the page until I’m ready to plan. The traditional method of planning where you write down tasks as they come up and then plan your day with the ABC 123 method of prioritizing doesn’t work for me.  … [Read more...]

How to Successfully Switch Planning Systems

How to Successfully Switch Planning Systems

Switching planning systems seems like it would be an easy thing.  You get a new system and you start using it But it isn’t always that simple. Sometimes there are complications.  And those complications prevent you from fully using the new system.  Sometimes you end up using TWO systems at the same time or using your new system half heartedly. As someone who used the same system for 20 years … [Read more...]

14 Ways to Use a DIYFish Daily Page

DIYFish Life Mapping System

Flexibility within structure.  That’s how I roll.  Too much structure and I rebel.  Too much flexibility and I flounder.  That means you’ll rarely find me using a planner page the way it’s designed. Instead, I take the basic page and then use it how I want to.  Sometimes ever day of the week looks different and other times a week looks exactly the same.  It just depends on my schedule, my work … [Read more...]

5 Reasons a Really Long To-Do List Can be a Good Thing

Long To-Do List

It goes against traditional wisdom to have a really long to do list, but it actually works well for some people, including me. I was using Wunderlist on my iPhone for a few days and one day I actually got everything done on my list. I'll confess, it freaked me out a little. When I realized there were no more tasks for the day, I didn't quite know what to do with myself. Of course, there were … [Read more...]