How I Use My Planner for Motivation

Planner for Motivation

Motivation is something I struggle with regularly – especially in regard to homemaking tasks.  You might assume, since I have this blog, that I like homemaking and don’t have any trouble getting homemaking tasks done.  But you would be wrong. I like having a clean, peaceful home but I don’t necessarily love doing the tasks that make it that way.  Homemaking tasks tend to be repetitive and … [Read more...]

My Planner Works Well When I . . .

Planner Page

Have you ever noticed that sometimes your planner works extremely well and other times it doesn’t work at all?  There’s a reason for that.  Actually, for me, there are 8 reasons. 1.       Having it open and convenient.  If my planner is closed, in another room, trapped in my purse or buried under a pile of papers, I won’t use it.  For me, having it open and available is the biggest key to using … [Read more...]

9 Random Tips for Getting More Out of Your Planner

Planner Tips

1.       Subdivide your to-do list.  Physically divide it into two or three sections to match your life.  For example: Morning, Afternoon, Evening Work, Home, Menu Priorities, Blog, Home Subdividing your list keeps you from having to sort through the list to find the appropriate tasks for what you’re focusing on now. 2.       Color code your notes – but not necessarily … [Read more...]

There’s More To a To-Do List Than To-Do’s

To-Do List

I know that sounds crazy.  A to-do list is a list of things to do.  What more could there be? Actually, there’s actually a lot more.  Like: 1.       Choosing the right to-do’s based on importance.  It’s tempting sometimes (okay, always) to do the things that are easy, fun or the most satisfying.  But those aren’t usually the most important things.  And the problem with having a lot of those … [Read more...]

How to Choose a Planner (or switch planners)

How to Choose a Planner

Once you decide you need a planner, things can get VERY complicated because there are SO many to choose from.  Back when I purchased my first planner, a Franklin Covey Compact, there weren’t very many choices and that made it a lot easier.  But now . . . WOW!  And if you don’t like what’s available to purchase, you can make your own.  Can you say overwhelming? You might think the first thing … [Read more...]

If Your Planner Doesn’t Work for Work . . .

Spiral Notebook

Years ago I worked as a legal assistant at a law office.  I assisted two attorneys.  One of the attorneys was very hands on and did most of his own work.  When I worked for him, he told me exactly what he wanted and that’s exactly what I did.  The other attorney expected me to do what he asked, what I knew he would have asked if he remembered to, and read his mind to figure out the rest.  I … [Read more...]

Why Your To-Do List Might Not Be Getting Done

incomplete to-do list

All of us have untouched tasks on our to-do lists – probably every day.  But if a task stays on the list too long, maybe it’s time to figure out why. I had to do that with my own list today.  I was skimming the list, trying to figure out what to do next and didn’t find anything I was willing to do.  That doesn’t usually happen.  I normally have a lot of variety on my list so there’s always … [Read more...]