Ending the Planner Dance


This has been my worst year for planner consistency.  I’ve been all over the place with different types of inserts and a variety of binder sizes.  I have used and unused pages all over my home office.  My storage binder for 2014 is a joke.  In all my recent years of indecision, none have been as bad as this one. But as Laurie from Plannerisms says about the planner dance, “It doesn’t end until … [Read more...]

Planning for Special Days

Planning for Special Days

Thanksgiving is coming up next week and it looks like we’re having about 22 people over for the big meal.  I love hosting Thanksgiving but it does take some planning ahead.  Thank goodness for my planner. I started something new this year that I think I’m going to do for every special day.  I decorated the Thanksgiving page in my planner with washi tape.  I also put a tab on the Thanksgiving … [Read more...]

Planner Use While Traveling

Planner Use While Traveling

Should you take your planner with you when you travel?  Well, it depends. There are different kinds of travel and the kind of travel determines whether you take your planner and how you use it. Business If you’re traveling for business, you’ll probably need your planner with you since it most likely has information you’ll need to conduct your business.  Plus, if you have downtime, you can get … [Read more...]

How to Deal With Friends Who are Chronically Late


This post is NOT about how to deal with a chronically late spouse, child or boyfriend/girlfriend.  That’s a topic for another day.  This post is about dealing with a friend who is chronically late.  A friend isn’t quite as frustrating as a spouse, child or boyfriend/girlfriend, but they’re still frustrating.  It would be nice if you could wave a magic wand and cause your friend to be on time from … [Read more...]

Planner Use: More on Consistency

planner use inconsistency

Apparently I’m not the only planner user who struggles with consistency.  I uploaded a You Tube video on this subject last week and found out that I wasn’t alone. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6ESeD0yFpA I’ve still been thinking about it and wanted to say a little more. There are a few people who use their planner consistently and efficiently.  I am not one of them.  I thought I was … [Read more...]

Homeschool Record Keeping & Scheduling

homeschool record keeping

It’s been ten years since I last homeschooled.  I have fond memories of those years although I’m also glad they’re done. I’m not one of those people who believe everyone should homeschool.  You have to do what’s best for your family.  Homeschooling was a good choice for us. I’ve had several readers ask me about my homeschool recordkeeping and time management practices so I thought it was … [Read more...]

Brain Dump or Master List – What’s the Difference?

Brain Dump, Master List

Brain dumps and master lists.  They’re similar but not the same. Brain Dump To do a brain dump you sit down with a blank sheet of paper and record everything that’s floating around in your brain.  The list includes anything and everything.  It’s not just limited to tasks but also to goals, dreams and desires.  It can be things you need to do today, tomorrow or someday. You usually do it in one … [Read more...]