10 of My Strategies for Coping With ADHD


I have ADHD.  Yes, I know – I’ve only mentioned it a million times.  You know why I do? It’s not for sympathy.  It’s not for attention.  It’s because it’s a big part of who I am.  It affects everything I do!!!  And I hope that by sharing my struggles and victories I can encourage others. That’s why I decided to write this post.  It’s a little different than the ADD/ADHD posts I’ve written in … [Read more...]

An Updated Look at My Planner Set-Up


I've been enjoying the DIYFish Life Mapping Inserts for the last five months or so and thought it was time to share a planner update. It was more difficult than I expected to leave behind the Franklin Covey system.  I used it for 20 years and it's familiar and comfortable.  I know it backwards and forwards and inside out.  We've been together for 20 YEARS!!!  But I needed (or maybe wanted) a … [Read more...]

How to Plan When Your Schedule is Unpredictable


If your schedule is unpredictable, like mine, traditional planning doesn’t always work.  In fact, planning of any kind can get quite complicated . . . and frustrating. But there are strategies that can make planning for an unpredictable schedule very effective. Keep a master list of all tasks at all times. As soon as you think of something that needs done, jot it down on the … [Read more...]

Eliminating Time Wasters


This post is hard for me to write.  What I’m about to tell you is very embarrassing for me but it’s time to get it out in the open.  Here goes: I’m addicted to Bejeweled Blitz and Sudoku. In case you’re not familiar with these, they’re games I play on my iPhone. Each Bejeweled Blitz game lasts one minute.  That doesn’t sound so bad except I never play just one game. Sudoku games take … [Read more...]

10 Planner Truths


1.   The bigger the planner the more you’ll put in it. 2.   As soon as you get your system set up and working well, you’ll decide you want something else. 3.   If your planner isn’t open and convenient, you probably won’t use it. 4.   If you don’t look at your planner, it won’t help you. 5.   There is no perfect planner. 6.   One planner does not fit all. Just because your best … [Read more...]

Keeping Good Records in Your Planner Can Save Time & Money!

planner, time and money

Hyrum W. Smith, of Franklin Covey, said:  “Keeping good records in your planner can save you money and frustration when it is necessary to retrace your steps.” That’s right.  It can save you MONEY and FRUSTRATION.  I have so many examples in my planners of information I’ve recorded in case there was a problem later.  Most of the time there wasn’t a problem, but when there was, my good … [Read more...]

A Tale of Three Planners


No, they aren’t all mine, although I do often sit on the couch with three planners on my lap (personal, compact and classic) trying to decide which one to use.  But in this case, that’s not what I’m talking about.  What I’m talking about is how three different people use the same planner but in completely different ways.  Take a look: Rachel Rachel is my daughter.  She’s married and expecting … [Read more...]