Why I Am Not An Amazing Homemaker

whyiamnotanamazinghomemakerI have a confession. I am a horrible homemaker. I dont bake like Patty does, i dont have a pintrest worthy home.

Every day thousands of moms around the world talk down to themselves, myself included. Then we all wonder why we don’t have the motivation to get things done. As women we see our limp dishwater hair, wiggly thighs, or an expanding waistline. For the majority of us the less than positive side of ourselves is always in focus.

I want to be the most amazing homemaker on the planet for my family. I am going to say this in the third person because I don’t feel as alone in this struggle when I do. So bear with me. Continue reading “Why I Am Not An Amazing Homemaker”

Planner Tips for 2016


My best planner tips are here. Wait till you see what I have come up with!

Planners have changed. Gone are the days of monochrome color schemes, and uneditable pages. Franklin Covey is no longer the only planner of note.

So if planners have changed, it goes to reason that we have changed with them. I’m a big fat failure when it comes to being able to adequately use a single planner. I have many.  Thank you ADD/ADHD. But I am using the ones I have with more consistency than ever before. I kept plugging away until I figured out what works for me. Continue reading “Planner Tips for 2016”

ADHD Planner Setup

This is probably going to be the strangest planner setup article you’ve ever read.  But maybe the most interesting, too?  Well, it’ll definitely be an experience.  I just hope that when you’re done you don’t think I’m a nut case.

Many of you know that I used a Franklin Covey Compact two pages per day for 20 years.

Franklin Covey Compact Planner

The first 15 years I didn’t realize there were other options so I stuck pretty faithfully with my FC (fewer options is better when you have ADHD).  My recollection is that I used it faithfully.  But my archives and my best friend say different.  My archives show gaps in use.  My best friend says I’ve always struggled with my planner.

Until about 5 years ago, I made it work.  It served me well enough that I was able to keep my ducks in a row, for the most part.  But 5 years ago life started getting crazy.  I won’t bore you with all the details but let’s just say I went from a well-ordered life (at least that’s what I remember) to a crazy one.  Life became very unpredictable and difficult to plan.  And my FC compact started driving me crazy.  I tried anything and everything to get it to work but I just couldn’t.

I started exploring other options – like upgrading to a FC classic size (5-1/2 x 8-1/2).  I liked all the space but I didn’t like carrying that giant planner and looking like a nerd.  I tried Filofax.  I bought a personal Malden and day on two pages inserts.  But it was too small. Are you seeing a pattern here?  I sounded like Goldilocks and the Three Bears – this one’s too small; this one’s too big.  It seemed like the compact was just the right size.  Only it wasn’t.  And I was tired of it.  20 years is a long time.

So I struggled.  I can’t tell you how many nights I sat on the couch with three planners on my lap.  I asked my husband’s advice so many times he can practically recite the speech while asleep:  “Just pick one. What is so hard about a planner setup? Any of them will work.”  And the rest of my family just rolled their eyes when I mentioned my planner struggle.

At the end of every year I started panicking about which planner I’d use starting January 1st.  I desperately wanted to pick one and stick with it.  But then January rolled around and I was no closer to choosing!  I just felt more pressured.  By the time February arrived I was completely depressed because I wanted this to be the year I decided.   Oh, wait.  I did decide. But then I changed my mind.  Sometimes multiple times in the same day.

And here we are again.  I have to decide because I’m driving myself (and my family) crazy and my ducks are NOT in a row!!!

So I analyzed my schedule and my needs and realized that most of what I do every day is the same.  And between my household routine and my blogging routine, I don’t have much time left.  So I created a custom page for my Filofax that included routine tasks with a few lines for extra tasks.  Those few lines were to remind me that I don’t have much extra time so I shouldn’t write much.  I also included things to do sheet on the left side for all the other stuff I think of that needs done sometime.  That sheet travels with the daily page.  Notes about my day go on the back of the page.  I also borrowed an idea from Raine of limetreefruits and added a “De-Brief” page at the end of the week where I can write a summary of my week and a few thoughts about how I can do better the next week.

Filofax personal custom pages

Filofax personal custom pages

Filofax personal custom pages

Filofax personal custom pages
De-Brief is an important part of my planner setup.

I used these pages for a couple of weeks and was very excited about them.  But then I noticed a problem (of course).  Using this planner setup I wasn’t getting the extra things done and some of them were important.  Also, I had several days that fell apart and by the time I had a chance to catch my breath, I was completely overwhelmed and had no idea what to do next (thank you, ADHD).

And that’s when I realized that as much as I love the personal Malden Filofax with my custom pages, they will not work for me.  I need a different planner setup in order to function effectively with a chaotic schedule, ADHD issues and all my responsibilities.

Drum roll please.  And the answer is . . .

Franklin Covey Classic with Two Pages Per Day

Are you disappointed?  Were you expecting something . . . well, different?!  I know.  I was disappointed, too.  But after much analysis, this is what the doctor ordered.

Here’s how I’ve been using it:

Franklin Covey Classic

I divided the to-do section into three parts.

TOP:  Must Do


BOTTOM:  House Dailies

Then when I have one of those days when I go from Plan A to Plan M and I don’t have a clue what to do next, I just look at the Must Do category and pick one.  It doesn’t even matter which one.  If I happen to get all those done, I can choose out of the other sections or not choose.  It doesn’t matter that much since the Must Do’s will be done.

The best part of having the page divided this way is that it’s easier for my ADHD mind to compartmentalize.  That’s the problem I was having with the custom pages in the Filofax – because of the small pages, all the tasks ran together and when I needed to see what to do next, I couldn’t.  That’s not necessarily going to be the case for everyone – that’s just me!

I’m also marking the schedule page so I can see at a glance when I have time to work on my Must Do’s or other tasks.  On this particular day, I was free for a little while in the morning but then I left to pick up the grandkids.  From 11:00 to 1:30 I was either traveling to get them and bring them home or feeding them lunch.  The time from 4:00 to 8:30 was when they would be up and expecting my undivided attention. With my schedule marked this way, I’m able to see exactly when I have time to work on tasks.  In this case, a little time in the morning, a few hours in the afternoon, and after 8:30 when they go to bed.

I might end up using the very bottom section for my menu but for right now I have it up at the very top. Once again this is the planner setup that works for me. It might not work for everyone.

I’ve divided the Notes page into two sections.  The section on the left is for notes – anything and everything that comes up during the day.  The right side is my food journal.  I’ve increased my activity lately and now it’s time to clean up my diet.  The most effective way to keep a food journal for me is to have it right on my planner page where I can see it every time I look at my planner.  If it’s in a section at the back, it’s easy to ignore.  But right there . . . I can’t miss it!

I’m also using the Progress Task List made by Franklin Covey.  It allows me to write all the other tasks I think of directly on the page finder and that also is in clear view so I don’t forget there are other things to do besides the ones on my list.  But they’re in a designated location so they don’t overwhelm me.

Here’s another sample:

Franklin Covey Classic Planner Setup

So this is my planner set-up for 2014.  I hope.  Wish me luck and I’ll keep you posted – unless I’m too embarrassed to admit I changed again.  And if I do change again, it’ll probably be right back to my FC Compact . . . which is actually looking pretty good right now . . . you know, just the right size.  Just kidding.  Mostly.

How about you?  Do you struggle choosing a planner setup and/or format?

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How to Decide What Planner Works for You

Planner feature Image

If you have ADD you know the frustration of spending money on a planner you just know is going to work. Only 2 months later it has become best friends with the dust bunnies in your home.

Planners are even harder to deal with because subconsciously we have higher expectations of them. After all their purpose – their entire reason for being – is to help you stop forgetting things. To get you places on time, well prepared, and with matching shoes on.

If I find one that looks like it will work and spend around 20.00 on it I have not only made a financial investment but also a mental one. The mental investment is the hardest one for me  to overcome, because the outcome isn’t what I  wanted to see.
Continue reading “How to Decide What Planner Works for You”

5 Homemaking Methods I Have Tried

5 Homemaking Methods I Have Tried*This post contains affiliate links.

The reality is I am not a great homemaker. My house stays just this side of horrible most days. Other days I lose the battle and it becomes like a corn maze – with junk instead of corn. For decades I have sought out books to help me become the homemaker I see in my head. Continue reading “5 Homemaking Methods I Have Tried”

Agendio Customizable Planners

Agendio Planners

I am a huge geek over planners. I have made hundreds of page templates over the years. I even bought a Cinch from We R Memory Keepers to do my own spiral bound planners. I finally found a Classic Cherry Filofax Compact knock off that I fell in love with and I have used it more consistently than any other size I have tried. This little bright cheerful planner put my spiral bound planners on the shelf. Continue reading “Agendio Customizable Planners”

Alternatives to Traditional Planning Systems

Filofax Planner w/DIYFish Life Mapping Inserts


Traditional planning systems like Franklin Covey, Day Timer or At-A-Glance planners can be very effective for many people.  Their effectiveness may be because those systems work well for a person’s life or it may be as simple as that person simply makes the system work.

I am not that person.  I have ADHD which means I am easily overwhelmed, inconsistent, easily bored and all over the place with my motivation and productivity.  The icing on the cake is my crazy, chaotic, unpredictable schedule.  I have finally concluded that traditional systems do not work for me.

So I’ve been on the hunt for something different – something that meets my needs and desires a little better.  In case you struggle like I do, you might want to check some of these out and see if they could work for you.

  1. Getting Things Done (GTD). I’ve read parts of David Allen’s book about GTD and really like what he has to say and the reason why his system works.  However, dividing tasks into different lists is a bit tricky for my ADHD mind.  It’s kind of like filing and I’m terrible at filling.  Do I file the paperwork for the truck under “T” for truck, “F” for Ford or “A” for automobile.  Sometimes it takes me three or four tries to find the right file because my thought process for today is different than when I filed it.  So if I do GTD, It will be a simplified version.
  1. Auto Focus by Mark Forster. This system is simply a really long list of things you have to do.  The list isn’t categorized or labeled in any way.  You go through the list, page by page, and select things to do.  That’s it.  I like this one a lot.
  1. Dash Plus by Patrick Hone. This is similar to the bullet journal method and involves a list with symbols.
  1. Bullet Journal by Ryder Carroll. I really like the bullet journal but haven’t been able to make it work for me – mainly because of the advance planning issue.  I haven’t ruled it out, though.
  1. Pomodoro Technique. I really, really, really love this one.  You set a timer for 25 minutes and focus on a task or category of tasks.  When the timer goes off, you take a 5 minute break.  Then you do another 25 minute session followed by another break.  After four 25 minute sessions you take a longer break.

This technique does some really great things for my ADHD brain.  It helps me get started (I just need to do something for 25 minutes).  It keeps me from spending too much time on one thing.  It helps me minimize distractions (put things off until the pomodoro is done).  I had been doing it really well for about a week but then I got a puppy.  I tried working on tasks for 25 minutes and then taking the puppy out during the 5 minute break but it didn’t work out.  So I’ve abandoned it for now but I really do love this method.  It also works really well with any type of time management system you might already use.

  1. Kanban Board. I haven’t tried this yet because I prefer pen and paper to a board but it looks intriguing.  The method divides your tasks into Backlog, Doing and Done.

There’s no perfect system out there, and I’m not looking for one, but I am looking for something that works better for my chaotic schedule and ADHD challenges.  I’ve tried my best to make a traditional system work for me and it just doesn’t.  It works better than nothing but I think I can do better.

So if you have any non-traditional systems to add to the list, please tell me about them in the comments.  I will read about each and every one.

Do traditional systems work for you or are you looking for something a bit different, too?