Victory over the Winter Blahs


Yes, I’m one of those people who gets the blues during the winter months.  I can’t stand the cold and gloom.  I read an article recently about how to beat the winter blues but I didn’t find it that helpful.  However, it did cause me to think about the things I do to get through the winter without losing my mind. Open the curtains!!!  Even if it’s gloomy outside, I do better if I open the … [Read more...]

Musings from a Chunky Girl Going Skinny


by Ashley Many of us these days struggle at least a little with food.  Most of us want to lose a few pounds (or a lot of pounds!) and/or eat better.  Here are some things I’ve figured out in the last 3 or so months and why am down 25 pounds and still going strong. Eat when you're hungry. Some of us are on a set schedule of breakfast at such and such, lunch at noon and dinner at 5. But if … [Read more...]

10 Easy Ways to Improve Your Diet (and calorie count)

eating better

1.       Drink water.  Water is good for you.  Water doesn’t have calories.  And water fills you up which can help you eat less. 2.       Lighten something up.  Switch out your full-fat cheese slices with 2% slices.  Use skim milk instead of 2% or whole.  Use Neufatchel Cheese instead of full-fat cream cheese.  Reduce the amount of sugar in desserts.  Little changes can add up fast. 3.       … [Read more...]

5 More Food Journals for Your Planner

Food Journal

The only way to know for SURE what you’re eating is to write it down!  These five food journals can help. Food Journal 1 This food journal is especially helpful if you like to plan ahead what you’ll be eating.  It gives you space for the plan and space for what you actually ate.  You don’t have to re-write like I did – you could use some sort of symbol or other technique.  Food Journal 1 … [Read more...]

How to Figure Calories for Homemade Food

Pesto Chicken Penne

When you’re trying to count calories, it can get pretty complicated when you’re eating homemade food.  When everything you eat is processed or packaged or simple (like fruit or bread), it’s easy.  But homemade stuff can get pretty difficult. However, there are a few things you can do to make it a LOT easier. 1.       Keep a calorie counting book handy.  I have two – one is much more detailed … [Read more...]

FitBit Pedometer: A Creative (and Fun) Way to Exercise

Fitbit pedometer

I bought myself a new pedometer.  I’d had the old one for 10 years, and when we moved, I lost it (convenient, huh?!). I wasn’t crazy about the new one at first, especially since it wasn’t logging as many steps as the old one.  I’m not sure if my activity level dropped or if the old one was just overly generous.  At any rate, I had to step it up just to get back to where I was. My … [Read more...]

10 Tips for Keeping a Food Journal

Food Journal

I won’t bore you with the details of why keeping a food journal will help you lose more weight than people who don’t.  If you haven’t heard that before or aren’t convinced, there are tons of articles on the internet that address the topic.  Instead, let’s talk about how to make your food journal work better. 1.       Tie it in with your planner so it’s more convenient!  If you have and use a … [Read more...]