Fixer Upper Week 74 – Master Bathroom

master bathroom

The master bathroom is actually starting to look like something!  I’m especially excited about the toilet paper holder!  For the last several weeks the toilet paper has been homeless and, therefore, occasionally hard to find.  But now it has a permanent home. David’s completed task list for the weekend includes: Installed the base for the medicine cabinet. Installed the base for the … [Read more...]

Fixer Upper Week 73 – Master Bathroom

Master Bathroom

I don’t know how he did it, but David got a LOT of stuff done on the master bathroom this past weekend. His completed task list included: Install tile on shower walls. Install tile on floor. Install tile on toilet and sink wall. Install tile trim baseboards. Install decorative tile on toilet and sink wall. Install shower handle. Grout tile. Permanently install toilet. Can … [Read more...]

Fixer Upper Week 72 – Master Bathroom

master bathroom flooring

In five short hours, David managed to make a HUGE amount of progress on the master bathroom.  Here’s what he checked off his list: Finished the plumbing.  He connected the new plumbing to the water supply.  This required turning the water off for a while, connecting the new plumbing, and then testing for leaks.  No leaks! Insulated the walls. This room has been SO cold!  Now there’s … [Read more...]

Silicone Caulk as a Rug Gripper – FAIL

silicone caulk as rug gripper

We talked yesterday about how there are lots of tips available on the internet and tv and how a lot of them aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.  Yesterday’s tip, removing paint from painted hardware by cooking it, was a big winner.  But the idea of applying silicone caulk to the back of an area rug, instead of a rug gripper, is a big FAIL. I read about this tip years ago and wanted to try it.  … [Read more...]

How to Remove Paint from Metal Hardware

crock pot

There are lots of tips available on the internet and on tv but not all of them are what they’re cracked up to be.  However, this one is.  In fact, my husband uses this trick ALL the time. If you’re dealing with metal hardware that’s been painted, the best and easiest way to get the paint off is to COOK the hardware.  Yes, cook it.  You can cook it in a pan of plain water on the stove or in a … [Read more...]

Fixer Upper Week 70 – Master Bathroom

Master Bathroom Plumbing

There’s always a lot more boring work to be done before we get to the good stuff.  I’m ready for fixtures, furniture and paint in the master bathroom but the groundwork has to be done first - plumbing, electrical, etc.  Boring!!! But in case you’re interested, here’s some of what David worked on in the master bathroom this … [Read more...]

Fixer Upper Week 69 – Master Bathroom

Master Bathroom Plumbing

I haven’t posted any remodeling updates for a couple of weeks because we haven’t done anything to the house – not one thing.  But Saturday morning David woke up and decided to tear up the bathroom.  So I guess that means we’re remodeling the master bathroom now. Here's what it looked like before. As is his custom, he got right down to … [Read more...]