Fixer Upper Update:  What’s Next?!

It’s hard to believe that almost two years have passed since we purchased the fixer upper.  It’s been a lot of work but the house looks awesome now – much different than the mess it was when we first purchased it.  In case you’ve forgotten, here are a few photos of how it’s changed. But there’s still a little bit of … [Read more...]

Fixer Upper Update: Garage Steps Facelift

The fixer upper isn’t quite finished but we’re working on small projects now – odds & ends that make it look even better. Our latest project was the garage steps.  David painted the steps and installed vinyl stair treads on the steps to: Cover chips on the stairs; Reduce dirt tracked into the house; Improve safety; Look good. This was an easy project that anyone could do on … [Read more...]

Fixer Upper Update:  Fixing Broken Things

One of the bad things about living in a fixer upper is that as fast as you’re fixing things, you’re breaking them.  Well, it’s not quite that bad but we do have some re-repairs to make. Re-paint the back door We had a couple of dog guests and they did a little damage to the back door. Fix a hole on the entry wall Yes, someone opened the door to fast and furious and the door knob put a … [Read more...]

Fixer Upper: A Few Little Things

We haven’t done anything big to the fixer upper for a while but David’s been chipping away at some little things and we’ve made a few adjustments to our accessories. Shower Curtain Our main floor bathroom is a long skinny bathroom with the bathtub running lengthwise.  The shower curtain I purchased was fuller than we wanted it to be, and as a result, it made the room feel smaller.  Also, as you … [Read more...]

10 Ways to Make Your House Look Prettier

Everyone wants a pretty house and there are lots of things you can do to make your house prettier.  Here are 10 that I’ve done in the past.  Some of them are simple and some require a little more work.  None are very expensive. Add a vase of flowers. It’s amazing the difference flowers make.  That simple vase of flowers can take a room from boring to beautiful.  And you don’t have to buy … [Read more...]

Tips for Purchasing Bathroom Accessories & Décor

Purchasing décor and accessories for a room seems like it would be easy but it can actually be really hard.  And there’s nothing more disappointing than to purchase new stuff and realize it doesn’t look right – especially if you don’t realize it until it’s too late to take it back. I did this recently with our main bathroom.  We refreshed/remodeled it and I purchased new accessories.  I … [Read more...]

10 Things We Learned While Flipping a House

If you’ve been following the blog very long, you know David and I have been remodeling (and living in) a house to sell.  We sold our home almost two years ago, lived with the kids and grandkids for three months, and then moved into a house that had been repossessed and was in awful condition. We’ve worked really hard the last two years and are nearly finished with the house.  We just have some … [Read more...]