Progress Report: Fixer Upper Week 34

House front

Lots of progress on the fixer upper this week but not as dramatic as the last two weeks.  I guess every week can’t be dramatic. Outside David spent several sessions scraping paint outside.  He said two more days and it should be done.  But this week he finished the garage doors.  Take a look: In addition, he took a little time to scrape off some tinting that was on the garage door … [Read more...]

Progress Report: Fixer Upper Week 33


Friday, July 11, 2014 I wasn’t expecting to do any projects today but David came home from work and started removing the paneling from the back bedroom where our grandson, Calvie, sleeps when he’s here: This is the wall between his room and the bathroom. This is the wall between his room and the stairs to the basement.  It’s the wall with our mystery cut-out.  We never did figure it … [Read more...]

Progress Report: Fixer Upper Week 32

House Exterior

All I can say is “Wow!”  David got a huge project done over the Fourth of July weekend and the house looks amazing as a result. The big project was the balcony on the front of the house.  The truth is, we hadn’t decided whether we wanted to leave it or fix it.  It didn’t look great and it was in very bad condition.  David really wanted to remove it but that would have meant quite a bit of … [Read more...]

Progress Report: Fixer Upper Week 31

house front view

We did absolutely NOTHING on the house this week.  David taught three evenings at the gym at our church, we celebrated a birthday, spent time with the grandkids and helped our daughter and son-in-law put up a fence.  However, I have a few things I want to show you. David’s been using the garage as a workshop but hasn’t really had any time to actually set it up. He had one shelving unit set up … [Read more...]

Progress Report: Fixer Upper Week 30

Front of house

We were SO busy this past week! But David still managed to chip away at our remodeling to-do list.  Here’s what he accomplished this week: Exterior He finished scraping the back and sides.  The north side of the house didn’t need much: The back of the house needed a LOT.  Here’s one especially bad side that’s finally finished: The south side of the house didn’t need much scraping.  … [Read more...]

Progress Report: Fixer Upper Week 29

House exterior

As you know, we’re currently in the middle of two projects on our fixer upper. Preparing the outside of the house for painting; Finishing the dining room. Here what’s left on the outside: About 8 more hours of scraping, mainly on the garage area and part of the back. Repair the balcony off the master bedroom. Replace a couple pieces of siding on the side of the house; Repair the … [Read more...]

Progress Report: Fixer Upper Week 28

house exterior

Here’s a quick run-through of what we did this week: Basement Drains Unfortunately the plumbing is this house has needed some work.  The day we moved in, David rented a snake from the local hardware store and snaked the drains.  Things were better.  But then the drains started backing up when I did laundry.  The basement isn’t finished so it isn’t a big deal but we want to fix it. So he … [Read more...]