A Day in My Life . . .

A reader requested a peek into my daily life and routine.  It’s pretty boring, but here goes . . . First of all, a little about this phase of my life.  My husband is a self-employed remodeling contractor and we’ve been married 33 years.  We have two grown kids:  Rachel, 28 and Danny, 26.  Both are married and live nearby.  Danny and his wife, Ashley, have two kids:  Ivy, 4-1/2 and Calvin, … [Read more...]

How Does She Do It? Read About Homemaker Beth

Today’s homemaker interview is with Beth Cranford. Beth is a full-time mom and homemaker. She lives in middle Tennessee with her husband and two children. She enjoys creating a home for her family and home schooling her children. You can learn more about her at her website. And just to shake things up a bit, Beth’s article is in her own words instead of mine. I hope you enjoy learning more … [Read more...]

How Does She Do It? Read About Homemaker Patty

Homemaking isn’t an exact science nor does it stay the same.  Fifty-year old full-time homemaker Patty has experienced a LOT of changes in the past few years and has had to adapt her homemaking methods in light of those changes.  And with ADHD, that’s no easy task! Married for 30 years, Patty and David have two children and two grandchildren and a recent empty nest.  “It’s strange being alone … [Read more...]

How Does She Do It? Read About Homemaker Lori

When I first asked Lori if she would let me interview her for the homemaker interviews, she laughed and said she would represent the homemaker wannabes.  Guess what, Lori?!  You’re not a wannabe.  You’re a real, honest-to-goodness homemaker. This is the thing.  Not all homemakers are the same.  Lori is picturing Suzy Homemaker who stays home all day cleaning and cooking from scratch and sewing … [Read more...]

How Does She Do It? Read About Homemaker Ashley

“My life is a circus” says 24-year-old homemaker Ashley.  Ashley’s “circus” includes a husband, a 2-1/2 year old daughter, a one-year-old son, and two insane cats.  Really – they are insane! Ashley is a full-time homemaker.  She and her husband, Danny, have been married 4-1/2 years.  They live in a 1-1/2 story four bedroom, one bath house.  They are fortunate to have a LARGE yard (in the city!) … [Read more...]

How Does She Do It? Read About Homemaker Judy

Retired 70-year-old homemaker, Judy, isn’t one to sit at home watching tv, crocheting baby booties and waiting for the phone to ring. Oh, wait – she does crochet booties but only when she’s riding in the car or waiting. Judy and her husband, Roy, have been married 32 years and are both retired. They live in a small three bedroom, one bath, one garage home. Sharing the home with them is Judy’s … [Read more...]

How Does She Do It? Read About Homemaker Rachel

Rachel is a newlywed of six months.  She and her husband, Andy, live in a two bedroom, one bath house – no pets, no kids.   Rachel works part-time at a bank and part-time as a self-employed photographer.  Andy works full-time outside the home.  Since she’s new at homemaking, some of her routines are still in process, but she’s developing a system that works for her. Cleaning.  Rachel’s cleaning … [Read more...]