The Three Levels of Mopping

Levels of Mopping

Mopping isn’t something I love to do but it’s something that needs done regularly – especially in my house where I have young grandchildren, a black lab and a couple of high traffic areas that are always dirty! I don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach to mopping – I have a three-size-approach, depending on the situation. Touch-Up Mopping. When I’m on my game, I touch-up mop the kitchen … [Read more...]

My Dusting Routine: Room by Room

feather duster

Does anyone out there like dusting?  I sure don’t.  But I also don’t like dust so I try to do my dusting routine weekly. I’m not a perfectionist so I don’t worry about every speck of dust on every piece of furniture.  I do what I can and don’t worry about the rest.  Besides, it’s dusty again as soon as I leave the room anyway.  Dust is like dishes and laundry – you can never really finish … [Read more...]

Cleaning:  Don’t Try to Catch Up, Just Get Back on Track

Cleaning List

When it comes to house cleaning, if you’ve gotten behind, don’t try to catch up – just get back on track.  Catching up is a nice idea but usually it’s not possible - especially when you get behind because you were too busy!  If you were too busy to keep up, chances are you’re too busy to catch up. So forget about catching up and just start where you are. Here’s my situation.  We’ve been in … [Read more...]

Tidying Lessons Learned from My Messy House

messy house

I woke up Saturday morning to a big, fat mess in my house. The last thing I wanted to do on a Saturday morning was clean house.  I was tempted to leave it until later - really tempted.  But I finally decided to get it over with.  You know what?  Much to my surprise, it took less than an hour to put everything back together and even do a little touch-up … [Read more...]

DryRight! Hanger Forms Eliminate Hanger Bumps

hanger forms

Hanger bumps are one of life’s little annoyances.  But I don’t have to deal with them anymore thanks to the folks at Hang Rite Plastics Corporation who sent me samples of DryRight! Hanger Forms to try.  The Hanger Forms solved the problem. The forms are plastic and come disassembled.  It’s your job to put them together and attach them to your own hangers.  Unfortunately I have about five … [Read more...]

“Daily Routine” Means Different Things on Different Days

Daily Chores

My daily routine includes many different tasks but the main three are tidy, sweep or vacuum and do laundry.  If I get these three tasks done, I feel like my daily routine was a success.  The other daily tasks are just icing on the cake. But some days I don’t have time to do even these three tasks on my daily routine list.  When that happens, I usually do my routine anyway but I make some … [Read more...]

Leaves in the Living Room & Other Housekeeping Dilemmas


If an area of your house keeps getting dirty, figure out why and see if you can fix it.  If you can't, let it go.  Here are a few examples from my house: Leaves in the living room.  We keep getting leaves in the living room.  I sweep and/or vacuum daily but the leaves keep showing up.  I finally realized the front porch is covered with leaves.  Until I sweep those off, I’m going to keep getting … [Read more...]