What’s For Dinner (No. 147)

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We’re in full swing with the elimination diet for David.  We’re trying to follow the low fodmap diet as closely as possible so we can figure out which foods are a problem and which foods aren’t.  It’s VERY challenging but I’m managing to find recipes that work. Here’s what I came up with this week: Monday Roasted Sweet Potatoes Huevas Rancheros (NEW) NOTE:  David loved this but it broke the … [Read more...]

Evolution of a Grocery List

Grocery Shopping List

I’m not sure about everyone else, but when it’s time to make a grocery list, I have a hard time remembering what I need.  Usually what happens is that I make a list and then get to the store and realize I forgot to put a bunch of stuff on the list or I didn’t check to see if I needed certain items.  Or I get home and realize I forgot some items I really need. To make my grocery list more … [Read more...]

What’s On Your Refrigerator?


My refrigerator is not clutter-free and it never will be.  I try to keep the clutter to a minimum, but I can’t eliminate it because it’s a perfect place to keep track of a few things. Here’s what’s on my refrigerator: A conveniently located pencil for adding items to the grocery list. A grocery list.  This is a Franklin Covey form that I’ve been using for years.  I’ve made several … [Read more...]

No Time to Menu Plan But You Still Have to Buy Food?

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Have you ever had one of those weeks where no matter how hard you tried, you just couldn’t find the time to make a grocery list and menu but you still had to go to the grocery store?  I have those weeks occasionally.  In fact, I had one of those weeks this week.  When it happens, I go to the store anyway and do the best I can.  I have three different approaches I choose from: 1.       Partial … [Read more...]

Why My Menu Plan Doesn’t Include Breakfast & Lunch

Menu Planner

I’ve been making weekly menu plans for the last 29 years (I didn’t bother until we had kids and I started staying home full-time – you know, actually cooking instead of eating out all the time).  In all those years, I never planned for anything except dinner and dessert. Does that mean we didn’t eat breakfast and lunch?  Nope.  We ate them.  But instead of planning exactly what we were going to … [Read more...]

When Life Goes Crazy & You Need to Salvage Dinner!

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Have you ever had a plan for dinner but then things went crazy and you didn’t know what the heck to do???  I’ve had lots of days like that.  And no matter how hard you plan, life tends to get in the way and messes it up sometimes. But a hi-jacked schedule resulting in a blown menu plan isn’t the end of the world – especially if you have a back-up plan.  Here’s what I’m talking about: 1.      … [Read more...]

What’s For Dinner? (No 102)

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For some reason, I didn’t do much cooking last week.  Oh, yeah, I remember – we were sick.  Instead of the meals I had planned, we ended up eating Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup, eggs and other odds and ends.  I did cook a couple of meals but mostly we just fended for ourselves based on how we felt and what sounded good in our various stages of illness. But this week will hopefully be a … [Read more...]