5 Strategies to Reduce Stress in Decision Making

Decision Making

Some decisions are hard to make.  And no matter how much you think it through, you just can’t make a decision.  When that happens, here are a few techniques that can help you get to the finish line: 1.       Make a list of your options.  You need to see what your choices are before you can decide anything.  And think outside the box.  If you’re looking for a car, for example, don’t limit your … [Read more...]

I’m Baaaack!!!

Working at my desk

OKAY, so I know I said I was taking the month of July off but apparently I changed my mind (I’m known to do that – frequently!).  The truth is, I missed the blog.  It’s a creative outlet for all those ideas I get and it gives my day structure.  So I took part of a month off (okay – it was just 5 days) and now I’m back. I WAS a little embarrassed about coming back waaaay before the month was … [Read more...]



After three years of daily posting with only a few breaks, I’ve decided to take the month of July off.  I’m looking forward to the break and hoping to get a lot done on the house (plus relax a lot!).  I’ll be back in August. In the meantime, there are a lot of articles from the last three years, and in case you haven’t read them all, now would be a good time.  And don’t forget there are … [Read more...]

Bad Cell Phone Signal? You Can Make It Better!

Cell Phone Signal

When we moved to our new house last fall, we discovered immediately that our cell phone service left much to be desired.  In fact, it was nearly unusable.  The only room in the house where we could get decent signal (two or maybe three bars on a good day) was in the office, if we were standing next to the window. At the beginning, phone use was pretty awful but texting was okay.  But then … [Read more...]

A Better Way to Drink Soda Out of a Can

Soda cans

I’m a big fan of soda (don’t bother telling me it’s not good for me – I already know that!).  I’ve had it a lot of different ways but my favorite is from a 20 ounce bottle or a 12 ounce can – except that I hate drinking out of a can.  I don’t like the taste of metal or the way the can feels against my mouth. (Surely I’m not the only one who feels that way!) Anyway, I usually pour a cold can of … [Read more...]

How To Take a Break

Taking a Break

I’m not talking about breaks like a vacation or a day off or a leave of absence.  I’m talking about a little 15 minute break taken daily.  I’ve written about the power of 15 minutes for cleaning and organizing, but 15 minutes also makes a difference when it comes to renewing your energy level and motivation. I’ve been a full-time homemaker for most of my adult life.  As long as I can remember, … [Read more...]

An “Easy” Way to Clean Out Your Car

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Just like my house, I keep my car tidy but not necessarily squeaky CLEAN.  I don’t have a lot of time to clean it out nor do I care whether it’s immaculate.  But I don’t want it to be embarrassing. I used to do a better job of keeping my car vacuumed, but at our new house, I don’t get to park in the garage so it’s not as convenient to clean it.  And it’s been either really hot or really cold.  … [Read more...]