Family Council

family council

I have three kids going in three different directions. I have a hubby who is better at other things than communicating his schedule. I also work at home, homeschool one child, public school for another child, and adult mental health program daily for the third. To say we are in the running in circle stage of life is accurate.

Because I don’t do well with focus, I will never be one of those perfectly put together moms. But  I had to come up with something that would allow me to keep up with each child’s schedule as well as all the things that I needed to accomplish. All of our kids have a bit of a passive aggressive streak in them. It must be inherited. So often times there will be a whole lot of bickering and attitude before a blow up that finally settles what the issue they are struggling with. Continue reading “Family Council”

22 Out of the Box Gift Ideas


There is nothing worse than giving a gift only to find out that it has been collecting dust, or worse yet it was re-gifted. Here are 22 out of the box gift ideas that should not take up much space but should be used long before the dust settles.

I thought it would be really neat last year to make homemade gifts for most everyone on my list. I found out just before Thanksgiving that my mother in law doesn’t like the smell of the body butter we made. So into the closet it goes. I hate to give something to someone that they will not use or enjoy. I feel like I have wasted my money on something that will at some point add to the landfills.

I am a big fan of subscriptions, memberships, and experience gifts. You will see quite a few of those on this list. Continue reading “22 Out of the Box Gift Ideas”

5 Homemaking Methods I Have Tried

5 Homemaking Methods I Have Tried*This post contains affiliate links.

The reality is I am not a great homemaker. My house stays just this side of horrible most days. Other days I lose the battle and it becomes like a corn maze – with junk instead of corn. For decades I have sought out books to help me become the homemaker I see in my head. Continue reading “5 Homemaking Methods I Have Tried”

10 Fun Facts about Steph


As I was perusing the articles from the website I found a post I had missed back in March where Patty  had listed some of her quirks. After I finished trying to figure out how many times Patty took her socks off per day I realized that sharing facts about myself would be a good way to introduce myself.

I shared just a little bit yesterday so I promise not to repeat those. If I post something in the future that you think is crazy or over the top, I encourage you to come back here and read over why.

I am an ordinary stay at home mom that does whatever she can to make sure that my kids are happy, healthy, and fed. Some times that is in the form of a happy meal the next day it may be organic apples. So here goes, 10 fun facts about me. Continue reading “10 Fun Facts about Steph”


Taking a Break

I’ve been blogging here at homemakersdaily for the past 4-1/2 years and it’s been a great experience.  But I need a break.  So I’m turning things over to Steph Caldwell who will be continuing the tradition of practical, real, homemaking related articles.  In the next day or two Steph will start sharing her experiences and ideas with you.

Thank you for your support and please continue showing that support to Steph.

And before I go, just a few more Lucy pictures.

Lucy 1 Lucy 2 Lucy 3


Life With Lucy



My family has been blessed to have had two really great dogs. We got our golden retriever, Katie, when she was six weeks old and my kids were one and three. Katie was an awesome dog and lived to be 14. We still describe her as “perfect”.

Then we got our black lab, Shelby. She was 12 weeks old when we got her and the kids were teenagers. We do not describe her as “perfect” but we do call her awesome. She was an old lady of nine when our first grandchild, Ivy, first noticed her. I still remember Shelby’s look of terror when Ivy started climbing on her. But she didn’t move a muscle and eventually she got to where she liked it. A lot. She loved Ivy and then Calvin, my grandson. The kids were good to her but they liked to climb on her, too. I don’t know how all that climbing felt on her old lady body but she never said a word.

Shelby died a couple of weeks ago at the age of 13-1/2. I wasn’t there – I was out of town. But she was with my son, daughter-in-law and the grandkids at their house. My daughter-in-law was with her when she died. I’m glad I wasn’t there. It was painful enough from a distance but being there would have been too much. I don’t think Shelby minded – they were her family, too. She was truly a “family” dog.

And now we have a chocolate lab terror named Lucy. Lucy is seven weeks old and is wonderful and terrible all at the same time. My arms are beat up from her sharp little teeth.  I can’t sweep without her trying to eat the broom.  I can’t sleep because she’s lonely or has to pee or poop. She wants to chew on everything, including us! And I’m exhausted from following her around and keeping her out of trouble. The breeder described her as wild, energetic and sweet. That’s pretty accurate.

By the way, I didn’t get her from a shelter. I’m sorry about that – I know there are a lot of dogs that need homes. But I have grandkids and I wanted a dog I KNEW would be good with them. Shelter dogs are often great dogs but sometimes they’re not. You don’t always know what you’re getting and I couldn’t take that chance. I needed a dog that would be awesome with my grandkids and goldens or labs fit the bill.

My daughter-in-law searched hard to find a pup I could afford. She knew I wanted a golden retriever or a chocolate lab. But they were all SO expensive. She finally found one in my price range – but only because she was dinged up. Yes, my Lucy has a deformed tail. She caught her tail somehow and in the process of getting free, she twisted her tail and ended up with a curl and some missing hair. The hair will grow back but the curl will remain. It disqualified her from being a show dog and dropped her price right into my price range. Thank you, Ashley, for finding her.

So we’re off on a new adventure. Life with Lucy. Oh, boy. She’s a handful and I’m exhausted but I’m glad she’s here. Yes,

I love Lucy!

Life With Lucy
The only time Ivy will get this close to Lucy is if Lucy is asleep or contained.

Life With Lucy

Life With Lucy
Lucy torments the heck out of David when he’s on the floor stretching.
Life With Lucy
Getting ready to bite me!
Life With Lucy
The kids know the safest place to be is on the couch. I keep assuring them things will get better.
Life With Lucy
No – this will NOT be a regular occurrence but she had just discovered what a wonderful thing the dishwasher was and she was so cute I had to get her picture before I scolded her.

Life With Lucy