10 of My Most Interesting Quirks


I think it’s important that we get to know each other – quirks and all.  So periodically I write a post like this, sharing a few more tidbits from my life. I want you to know that I’m no superwoman, no expert and nothing special (I don’t intend that in a demeaning way – it’s just a fact).  And once you read through this list of quirks, you’ll know exactly what I mean. Oh, and just for the … [Read more...]

Lessons from Jury Duty

Jury Duty

This past Monday was my third time reporting for jury duty in the last 10 years.  The first time I was there from 8 to 2 and then went home.  The second time lasted 2 days and I sat on a jury pool.  This time I was there one day and again was sat in a jury pool but was not chosen to sit on the jury. Jury duty was interesting but it was also a long, tough day.  Of course, most of the … [Read more...]

Homemakersdaily is On Vacation!

Taking a Break

I wish I could say I was going to some warm and/or dry exotic location to get away but I’m not.  I’ll be staying home and catching up on some areas I’ve neglected lately.  It definitely won’t be as fun as a tropical vacation but I know I’ll feel good after I’ve checked a few big things off my list.  Oh, I'll be doing some real relaxing, too - probably some reading.   I’ll see you in a week or … [Read more...]

Goal Setting is (can be) Overrated

Goal Setting

I didn't make any New Year's resolutions. I rarely do. There's nothing magic for me about the New Year that suddenly makes me able to do things I know I should do but haven't done yet. It's just another day. That doesn't mean I don't ever set goals. I do. But I don't rely on a day of the year or day of the month or day of the week to set them. I set them when I need them. Sometimes I don't … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas


I don't say a lot about my faith on this blog. The reason I don't is because it's a homemaking blog and not a spiritual blog. But the truth is, my faith permeates everything I do, including homemaking. It's the reason I get up in the morning and the reason I live the way I do. I’ve had a personal relationship with Jesus Christ since I was 12-years-old when I attended a Youth for Christ … [Read more...]

Christmas Favorites: Strategies & Recipes

Christmas Edit 1

I’m a little late getting this post out – okay, a lot late.  But better late than never right? Here are a few Christmas articles I’ve written in the past that could be helpful as you finish your Christmas preparations: 5 Things I’m Going to Do Different for Christmas Dinner Uh, Oh – Need a Christmas Gift FAST! Remember Christmas (Journaling) Countdown to Christmas: 7 Tips for Dealing with … [Read more...]

Why I Write Boring Blog Post Titles

Post Titles

I read an article recently about how blog post titles need to be something special in order to get the reader’s attention.  I’ve also heard from a few of you (really just two) that my blog post titles are a little boring.  But I’m okay with that and here’s why. I don’t intend for you to read every single post I write unless you just want to. So I make my titles very clear so you know whether … [Read more...]