Are Batteries a Fire Hazard? They Can Be!


I knew there was a reason I didn’t like 9 volt batteries – besides the fact that they’re expensive and annoying to install.  They can also be a fire hazard. I had no idea about this until I posted a link to an older article of mine about battery storage and a reader mentioned this issue with 9 volts. The problem is that a 9 volt battery has the positive and negative posts on top of the … [Read more...]

Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Post-It to Change a Habit

Post-It Note

Have you ever wanted to break a bad habit or start a new habit but you couldn’t quite do it?  Maybe you didn’t have the will power or the want to.  But maybe it was as simple as forgetting.  I have ADHD so I forget a lot – unless the thing I need to remember is in front of my face.  My husband and I were just talking about this.  He doesn’t have ADHD and can’t believe the things I forget!  Like … [Read more...]

Ashley’s Story: An MS Diagnosis

toy medical kit

Many of you may have read  in my What’s For Dinner post a few weeks ago that my daughter-in-law, Ashley, was recently diagnosed with MS.  Since you have gotten to know her a little bit through her writings and my comments, I thought you might like to hear her story. I have dealt with anxiety for a long time along with being a raging hypochondriac. Anxiety isn't necessarily as it sounds though. … [Read more...]

An Easy Way to Wash Little Kids’ Hair

Hair Washing

My grandkids HATE getting their hair washed.  No matter how careful I am, they still act like I’m killing them.  Recently I remembered a technique of David’s from our child raising years.  It worked really well for our kids so I thought we’d give it a try on the grandkids.  Miracle of miracles, they were okay with it.  So now it’s our hair washing technique of choice.  Here’s how you do … [Read more...]

5 Strategies to Reduce Stress in Decision Making

Decision Making

Some decisions are hard to make.  And no matter how much you think it through, you just can’t make a decision.  When that happens, here are a few techniques that can help you get to the finish line: 1.       Make a list of your options.  You need to see what your choices are before you can decide anything.  And think outside the box.  If you’re looking for a car, for example, don’t limit your … [Read more...]

I’m Baaaack!!!

Working at my desk

OKAY, so I know I said I was taking the month of July off but apparently I changed my mind (I’m known to do that – frequently!).  The truth is, I missed the blog.  It’s a creative outlet for all those ideas I get and it gives my day structure.  So I took part of a month off (okay – it was just 5 days) and now I’m back. I WAS a little embarrassed about coming back waaaay before the month was … [Read more...]



After three years of daily posting with only a few breaks, I’ve decided to take the month of July off.  I’m looking forward to the break and hoping to get a lot done on the house (plus relax a lot!).  I’ll be back in August. In the meantime, there are a lot of articles from the last three years, and in case you haven’t read them all, now would be a good time.  And don’t forget there are … [Read more...]