Trash Can Liner Won’t Stay Put? Here’s an Easy Fix

trash can

When I bought a new trash can for the kitchen, I went for cheap.  Now I wish I hadn’t.  The cheap can won’t hold the trash bag in place and the bag constantly slips down into the can.  I’ve tried several solutions but nothing has helped. David to the rescue!  He came home yesterday with a very simple and effective solution.  He put one of those plastic hooks on the front of the trash can and … [Read more...]

One Way to Organize Meds


I must be at least a little bit lazy because I’m always looking for easier ways to do things – my medicine, for example.  I take three pills every night before I go to bed.  Two of the meds come in those annoying foil packs. The third comes in a bottle.  I don’t mind the bottle but I HATE those foil packs.  For some reason, I have a lot of trouble getting the pills out. So I went to my … [Read more...]

The Right Organizing Containers Can Make Life Better

make-up organizer

Having the right container for products you use frequently can make all the difference between happiness and irritation.  I speak from experience. I’ve been storing my few make-up products on a shelf in the medicine cabinet in our newly remodeled bathroom.  They were on that empty space next to the band-aids. Unfortunately, about three or four times a week, I dropped one of them as I was … [Read more...]

My Top 10 Strategies for Keeping Order in My Life


My life has changed a lot over the past six or seven years.  The changes have come hard and fast and sometimes it’s been difficult to modify my systems as quickly as the changes have come.  But during those times, there are least ten things I’ve done consistently that helped me stay on track regardless of what was going on. 1.       Use a planner.  Having a planner helps me stay organized and … [Read more...]

Closet, Pantry, Drawer Organizing for the Organizing Impaired


Let me just say right off the bat that I’m organizing impaired.  I can do it . . . but it’s really hard, I don’t like it and I don’t do it exceptionally well. I want my stuff to be organized but I don’t want to spend a lot of time and/or money getting and keeping it that way.  My philosophy is that as long as I can find what I need, I don’t really care what it looks like. That being said, I do … [Read more...]

ADD/ADHD Making Life Hard? This Book Can Help!

Your Life Can Be Better

Your Life Can Be Better.  No. No.  I’m not making any promises.  I’m telling you about the best ADD/ADHD book I’ve ever read. I stumbled across this book last year when I was searching for ADD/ADHD books on Amazon.  I loved the title and the price ($1.99) and immediately downloaded it for my Kindle.  Usually the inexpensive books written by people I’ve never heard of turn out to be a … [Read more...]

Shop Around for the Best Prices – IN THE SAME STORE!


I buy buckets on a regular basis and usually four or five at a time.  I primarily only use them for mop water but when I need one, I can’t find one.  My husband has a bad habit of swiping them to mix up various things he uses in his remodeling business or for remodeling our home. Since I buy a lot of them, I want the cheapest ones I can find.  Unfortunately, the ones on the cleaning aisle are … [Read more...]