One Way to Organize a Spice Drawer

I have a LOT of spices.  In the past, my husband has always come up with an efficient way to store them.  But in this house, he’s been so busy remodeling the whole house that he hasn’t had time to get to that – despite my frequent complaints. I’ve tried several different approaches with only limited success.  But I finally had enough.  No, I didn’t make my husband fix it. I fixed it myself and … [Read more...]

10 Organizing Tips That Make My ADD/ADHD Life Better

I have ADHD and it’s a pain.  Because of it, I have to use a lot of strategies to stay out of trouble.  Here are 10 of them. Don’t sign up for trials. There are a lot of tempting opportunities to try things out using a 30-day trial.  Unfortunately, in order to do that, you have to sign up AND provide payment information AND remember to cancel before the trial period is up. I don’t do trials … [Read more...]

How to Break Down a Task

In David Allen’s book, Getting Things Done, he talks a lot about projects vs. tasks and how projects don’t belong on a task list.  The reason projects don’t belong on a task list is because projects take time, planning and multiple sessions to complete.  Nothing should go on a task list that can’t be completed in one step. If you find you’re not getting some of the things done on your to-do … [Read more...]

Help for Trash Can Liners That Won’t Stay Put

My trash can liner refuses to stay put but I don’t want to spend big bucks on a fancy trash can that has a built-in feature to hold the trash bag firmly in place, like this one for $40 at Wal-mart. Don’t get me wrong – I might like to have one, depending on how much trouble it is, but I don’t want to pay for it.  My trash can was about $5 at Wal-mart and that price suits me fine. But I … [Read more...]

Silicone Caulk as a Rug Gripper – FAIL

We talked yesterday about how there are lots of tips available on the internet and tv and how a lot of them aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.  Yesterday’s tip, removing paint from painted hardware by cooking it, was a big winner.  But the idea of applying silicone caulk to the back of an area rug, instead of a rug gripper, is a big FAIL. I read about this tip years ago and wanted to try it.  … [Read more...]

Lessons from Jury Duty

This past Monday was my third time reporting for jury duty in the last 10 years.  The first time I was there from 8 to 2 and then went home.  The second time lasted 2 days and I sat on a jury pool.  This time I was there one day and again was sat in a jury pool but was not chosen to sit on the jury. Jury duty was interesting but it was also a long, tough day.  Of course, most of the … [Read more...]

Organizing is Not My Thing, So Please Help!!!

Organizing is NOT my thing.  I’m excellent at maintaining or tweaking, but starting from scratch is not my cup of tea. Unfortunately I need to organize my granddaughter’s room at my house.  We’ve painted, furnished and accessorized (mostly) but now I’m paralyzed. I’ve looked at photos.  I’ve gone through the organizing sections at Wal-mart and Target.  I’ve analyzed.  I just can’t figure out … [Read more...]