Use Your Calendar and JUST SAY NO!

Monthly Calendar

Have you ever made a commitment without looking at your calendar first and then later realized you were booked solid that week?  Or you made a commitment after looking at your calendar based on the fact that the day in question was open and later realized that was your only free day that week? These are costly scheduling mistakes – they can cost you your health and your sanity.  But it’s easy to … [Read more...]

Camera Phones Aren’t Just for Pretty Pictures

iPhone camera

It took me a while to switch to a smart phone.  I dug in my heels and insisted I didn’t need one.  My dumb phone was doing a fine job.  But finally I took the plunge.  I ditched my dumb phone for an iPhone 4S.  For the first time, I had a phone newer than my kids' phones.  And let me tell you, it didn’t make them happy!  It was kind of fun for me, though. But gloating aside, one of the biggest … [Read more...]

Toss the To-Do List and Make a Checklist Instead

check list defines a to-do list this way:           To-do list, noun 1.  A list of errands and other tasks – often written on a piece of paper as a memory aid – that one needs or intends to accomplish. I get discouraged making a to-do list every day because I rarely get much or any of it done.  I want to.  I need to.  But life happens and I’m constantly changing my plans.  The end … [Read more...]

How Often Do I Need to Clean the ___________ (fill in the blank)?


Have you ever wondered how often the different parts of your house need cleaned?  Here’s the very scientific answer: as often as they need it I know – that sounds too simple but it’s the right answer.   There’s just no way to say for sure how often a room will need to be cleaned.  The frequency and intensity will vary from one household to another based on some of these criteria: Kids (or … [Read more...]

How To Grill a Better Burger


Who doesn’t love a grilled hamburger?!  Yum!  It’s making me hungry just thinking about it. But if your burgers turn out less than perfect, and it’s perfection you want, here are some bits and pieces of information that might help you bring your burgers up a notch or two.  Here we go! The Top Three No-No’s: Don’t pack the meat too tightly.  A loosely packed patty makes for a juicy … [Read more...]

Too Small To File, But Too Important To Toss

miscellaneous papers box closed view

Do you ever have things you need to save that are too small to put in a file?  Or things that don’t really go in any particular file?  Years ago I read about something called a Miscellaneous Papers Box.  And that’s exactly what it’s for – all those small things that don’t have a home but that you need to save. To set up the box, get a 4x6 index card box and a set of alphabetical dividers.  Put … [Read more...]

Short on Cash but Need to Eat??? How About Some “Cheap” Recipes?

cheap meals edit

Groceries have gotten ridiculously expensive lately.  The grocery budget doesn’t buy anywhere near what it used to.  One option for stretching the grocery budget is to take advantage of coupons, stockpiling and other couponing methods.  You can read about those here.  Another option is to make cheaper meals.  In case you need some help with that, here’s a list of meals that are fairly cheap to … [Read more...]