Company’s Coming: How to Clean Up Fast

Have you ever had one of those horrifying moments when someone called to let you know they were stopping by in 20 or 30 minutes and your house was a disaster?  The next time that happens, here’s a four-step plan for cleaning up fast:

1.       Start with the bathroom.  Use an all-purpose cleaning wipe (or a rag and bottle of all-purpose cleaner) to clean the sink, countertops and toilet top.  Clean the mirror and fixtures, straighten the shower curtain and hang fresh towels.  Time: 4 minutes

2.       Move to the kitchen.  Hide dirty dishes and cookware in the dishwasher, if empty.  If not, hide them in the oven or put them in a tub and take them to the garage or basement.  Use a wipe or rag to clean the counters.  Time: 2-1/2 minutes

3.       Declutter and dust living spaces.  Put newspapers, magazines, shoes and other clutter into a shopping bag or laundry basket and then hide the bag or basket in a bedroom or closet (some call this “stash & dash”).  Dust major furniture surfaces.  Time: 4-1/2 minutes

4.      End with the floors.  Vacuum main traffic areas and living spaces, including carpets and bare floors.  Store the vacuum in the closet and greet your guests.  Time:  5 minutes

Whew!  Approximately 16 minutes of hard and fast work and you can face your company without embarrassment.

What strategies do you use for cleaning up fast?

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10 thoughts on “Company’s Coming: How to Clean Up Fast

  1. I read this idea in a magazine a few years ago but I clean the front door (ours is wood) with some dusting polish. The guest will get a clean scent right as they walk in the door. I totally admit to being lazy and just spraying a little Pledge or whatever in the air by the door instead sometimes. I’ve also heard that clean floors make the house look cleaner. I do completely agree with your advice to start with the bathroom though.

    1. It happens to all of us some time or another – unfortunately! My house is in pretty good shape most of the time, but as soon as I let my guard down, someone stops by.

  2. Great tips for a quick clean. However, I don’t generally feel the need to spruce everything up that much when I know someone’s coming. I make sure there isn’t underwear on the bathroom floor. I clean up any newly shredded paper towels from the dog that happen to be lying on the living room floor. And if I have time, I vacuum up the bits and piece of whatever that is on the living room floor as well. Fold the blankets. Order things a bit. But that’s about it. My house is where I live. I keep it clean enough to keep me happy, but I don’t put on a show. That’s just not how I roll.

    Sometimes I do love a quick clean just for me, though.

    Happy Sharefest. Have a great weekend.

    1. A good attitude to have, Robin.

      My house is usually in pretty good shape so it isn’t a problem but if it happens to be one of those time when I’ve let things go, for me it depends on WHO it is that’s coming over. Some people get what they get and others make me feel like I need to do more.

  3. First thing I do before starting a quick clean-up is start the bread maker and throw some vinegar down the kitchen drain and open the windows (depending on the season). I throw the bathroom towels in the dryer with some dryer sheets and then get picking up. The whole house smells fresh even before I get to running the Swiffer Wet Jet over the floor. 🙂

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