Credit Card Expiration Dates Affect Automatic Bill Payments

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Most of us have at least one or two bills that are paid automatically using a debit card or credit card.  I have two.  And I always forget that the expiration date matters.

Fortunately one of the bills I pay, my health insurance, is very good about sending me a reminder when my card is about to expire.  The letter even has a form for me to complete with the new information.  But the other bill I pay doesn’t do that.  So it’s up to me to remember to notify them.  And I wouldn’t remember if it wasn’t for my health insurance provider’s reminder.

So what’s the lesson here?  If you pay any bills using your debit card or credit card, be sure and make a note somewhere (mine will be in my planner) when the card expires and who you need to contact with the new expiration date.  If you forget, your bill(s) might not be paid.

How do you remember to update the expiration date on your cards when you use them to pay bills?

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4 thoughts on “Credit Card Expiration Dates Affect Automatic Bill Payments

  1. This is more related to the general topic, but it’s something most people don’t know. I’m a card coordinator, so I get to see lots of cards and what people do with them. Have you ever received a card and decided you didn’t want to activate it? Maybe because you’re trying to pay it off and don’t want to use it? This is what activation really does: It tells the bank you got the card. That it wasn’t lost or stolen by someone else, or that you didn’t realize you threw it away or shredded it. I did not know that until I became a card coordinator, and I’m amazed at the number of people who never activate their cards. It is possible the bank may think that it was stolen and send you a new one with a new card number, which equals a lot of hassle because then you have to change the numbers if you’re using it on an accounts.

  2. I use my PIM program to record the expiration date of all credit and debit cards. I don’t use these cards for repetitive payments. I use the bill pay service through my bank. Oh, wait! I do use my VISA for my Sirius XM Radio subscription, but they send me a reminder. If the card will expire before the payment is to be made, that reminder is on the billing statement. When hubby and I still had our trucking company, we still did not have automatic payments against the cards. Both of us are now referred to as “senior citizens” and those automatic payments will continue after one or both of us is gone. I don’t want our accounts depleted before our representative can take action. I went through that with my parent’s estates and it was a mystifying, exasperating experience that I would not wish on my worst enemy. If a vendor or provider will not accept direct payment (ACH) via my bank, then they do not need my business.

    1. I’ve heard stories about people who fought with banks and other types of companies after someone died. I read one recently where the lady went in with a death certificate and they still wouldn’t cancel it. Good grief! Are you kidding me???!!!

      I do hate automatic payments because I don’t trust the providers to do it right but there are situations where it’s required or you’re out of luck. It doesn’t seem right, but . . . Other times you can push it and they will eventually offer you another option, usually for a small fee.

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