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Washi tape and stickers are great ways to jazz up your planner pages, but another option is making your own pages and adding inspirational photos.  The only negative is that it does take more ink to print the pages.  But it might just be worth it to see photos of family, friends, pets, nature – whatever makes you happy.

Adding photos to your custom pages isn’t hard.  Here’s how I do mine:

1.       Using Word, I design a planner page that meets my needs plus has a spot for a photo (or two).

2.       Take a photo or download a photo to my computer.

3.       Using Paint, I reduce the photo so it’s fairly small.  I also crop the photo to get rid of anything I don’t need.

4.       Save the smaller photo to my computer.

5.       Pull up the planner page and insert the photo where I want it.  Sometimes I have to move it around or make adjustments so it looks right.

6.       Print off enough pages for one month.

Here are a few samples to get your imagination going:

Classic or A5
This sample is for a classic size FC. Obviously the larger pages give you a lot more options.
Classic or A5
This is another Classic FC page. I chose this picture because it makes me laugh!
Compact Franklin Covey
This page is for a compact Franklin Covey. I chose the sunflowers because they make me smile. Sunflowers are such happy flowers.
Compact Franklin Covey
This page is a compact Franklin Covey page. If you have multiple pets, it’s easy to include all of them
This page is personal size – for Filofax, Daytimer, Dayrunner, etc. It’s a little harder to fit photos on these smaller pages but it can be done.
Another personal page with two of my favorite people – my grandkids. Family photos are especially inspirational and my favorite.

So what do you think? Are you ready to go make some pages featuring your favorite photos?

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Born in Kentucky, I am a wife and mom to 1 son and 2 daughters . I have an ink pen obsession, as well as a love for all things planner. I have been married for 10 years to my high school crush. I am a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

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13 thoughts on “Customize Your Planner Pages With Inspirational Photos

  1. Hi! I love your planner tips! I’m currently a hybrid planner using both electronic and paper planner. Can’t wait for your Evernote post!

  2. When my children were in school I made their assignment notebooks each year. I would customize them according to their classes they had and in the time order they had them. I added cute clip art to give them a reminder of their mom’s love for them. Now that they are grown, they love reflecting on those notebooks. They loved them. ..used them… and couldn’t wait to get their new one each year.

    Your planner pages are a similar concept. Customizing makes things so much more personal. I would encourage your readers to try it.

  3. If you have Publisher from Microsoft Office, it’s even easier to do this. You can do the cropping, re-sizing, etc. right on the planner document.

    1. I do have Publisher but I’m not very proficient in using it. Guess I need to sit down and spend some quality time with it and see what I can do. It would probably open up a whole new world of options.

  4. Hi, Patty!

    Happy New Year! Well, I received a new computer for Christmas and it is great, but the “backward compatibility” I was looking for is not what I needed, so I ordered a new desktop publishing program. The nice part is that I got a huge discount — half price! Wow!

    I have not tried making planner pages in a word processor, and, for now, I do not have a version of Word that will work on this computer. So I am using two computers to get things done. My husband says that my office looks like a programmers den. I am moving files from an old puter to the new one. I was using his laptop, too, so I am running three at a time and look so efficient — NOT!

    We have a new project to work on and I decided that you are to blame. Ha ha! My husband was inspired with your pictures of the pantry, so he is reworking our pantry. He is also building another cabinet for storage in the living room. I think that 2014 is going to be a busy year for us, too!

    1. Three computers – impressive! I’m lucky to make one do what I want. You’re an amazing woman.

      Ok. We’ll take the blame for the pantry project. One good project inspires another, you know! 🙂

  5. Patty, I have been working with computers since 1986 and have become dependent on them for so many things. To explain the three computers: My husband had one on his truck before he retired; I had one at home; and we acquitted on in repayment of a debt. As long as they still work, we will continue to use them. We only really need one here at home.

  6. Your furbabies are so beautiful. I often see references to “Shelby’s toes” on your planner pages, so I assume one of them is Shelby? I had to smile at “If you have multiple pets, it’s easy to include all of them.” We have six (yes, we’re out of our minds), so their pics would probably take up quite a bit of planner real estate! 🙂

    1. Your pets’ photos would definitely take a lot of planner space!

      We only have one pet now – our black lab, Shelby. Yes, Shelby’s toes is on the planner every week. She hates having her toenails clipped and isn’t very cooperative. As a result, I do it almost every week and just take off a little bit each time. I hate clipping them and I’m scared of hurting her. If I ever do hurt her, even a tiny bit, she’ll probably never let me clip them again. Unfortunately, they still managed to get longer than they should be. I just do the best I can.

      We used to have two cats. Lucy died several years ago. Daisy, our yellow cat, is about 14 but she’s currently living with our daughter. Last year we lived with our son and daughter-in-law for 3 months after our house sold and before we found another one. They had two cats and a dog and we knew our cat wouldn’t do well with their cats. So our daughter took her. But Daisy was always Rachel’s cat anyway so Rachel decided to keep her and I’m positive Daisy didn’t want to come back anyway. She has it much better with Rachel than she did with us!!!

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