4 Ways to Deep Clean Your House

We have all been there, craving to get our house spotless from the very outskirts to the main rooms where guests arrive and explore. Whether it’s spring cleaning time, a commercial featuring a gorgeous house with what seems to be a lack of even a speck of dust or our inner neat/clean freak, we all would love a deep cleaning, where even the drapes that usually go unnoticed sparkle in a brighter color. Here are a few tips on how to deep clean your house.

1. Start with your least favorite chore-

Choose something in the house you absolutely DREAD doing, it can be anything from dishes to the bathroom. I know it sucks, scrubbing bathroom toilets or getting the gunk out of week old plates randomly found, but the sooner you get it done, the more eager you will be to finish the rest.

2. Expand the chore, look around, what else needs to be polished?-

Look at the pile of dishes, and then search around for missed areas usually forgotten about when doing weekly chores. The drawer for utensils, clean what is used to hold the spoons and forks along with the drawer themselves, sometimes small little pieces of food not completely washed off will fall and build over time.

3. Don’t deny hard to reach places-

Did you know that fans and air conditioning systems harbor the most dust and dead bugs and skin in the house typically? Not a lot of people realize that the top of the fan is just as important as sweeping the floor under it! The hard to reach places may take more effort than we’d like but they are just as important. If the problem is height or mobility, there are dozens of products out there, if not hundreds that are made specifically for hard to reach places! If not , home DIY’s on youtube may also help.

4. Don’t forget the little people (or things)-

Yes, the house overall is very important, appearance is a lot in the importance bar, but we must not forget health! Things like toothbrushes tend to go unnoticed when old and full of gunk. Rather than using old brushes , replace them! Hand soaps used for months and left out should also be taken care of and mops and cleaning supplies used to deep clean should be replaced accordingly! Yes the floors matter, yes the coffee table should be spotless but the items used should also be in top notch condition, if not the areas may be clean on the surface but actually harboring germs and gunk.

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