Dish Drying Mat: Alternative To Dish Drainer or Towels on the Counter

Dishes drying on towels

Dishes drying on towels

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You know those times when you have LOTS and LOTS of dishes and you really want to get them all done? But the dishwasher and the dish drainer are both full so the only option left is a couple of towels on the counter?  I’ve been doing that a lot lately, and while it’s not a bad option, I discovered a better one.

I was wandering through Wal-mart the other day and came across a dish drying mat.  I’d heard of them but hadn’t ever seen one.  I was intrigued so I bought one.  And it’s amazing!

Dish Drying Mat

When I put dishes on the towel, I have to tip them a little so the inside can dry.  Not necessary on the drying mat.  The towels also get pretty wet and that makes the counter wet.  Not so with the drying mat. And when the dishes are dry or dried and put away, the towels go in the washer.  The drying mat just gets folded up and put in the drawer.  And when it’s dirty, you just toss it in the washing machine.

Dish Drying Mat

I got my drying mat at Wal-mart for $5.97.  I got the large size which is 24×18.  I wasn’t sure if I was wasting my money or not, but now that I’ve used it several times, I’m sold!  This is a great alternative to a towel.  You could even use it instead of a dish drainer.

Have you ever used a drying mat? What do you think?

(I did not receive compensation for this post.  I tried the product and liked it and thought you might, too.)

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13 thoughts on “Dish Drying Mat: Alternative To Dish Drainer or Towels on the Counter

  1. Well, what is the thing on TOP of the drying mat? Doesn’t that help? Are those cooling racks or did they come with the drying mat?

  2. We end up with stuff on the counter all the time after I do a big meal or a baking frenzy. Can’t believe we didn’t know about these…but we will be looking for one this week! Thanks for the tip!

  3. I had that same one from Walmart. You have to wash it often or it gets a mildew smell that doesn’t go away. I tried washing in hot water with baking soda and vinegar. It revived it once the second time it wouldn’t come out.

  4. You bet. I’ve actually switched to a plastic anti microbial vented mat Weir little nubs it “stands”on with a thin tea towel over it. Easy to wash the towel often and hot water wash the mat. Keeps an area off the counter so air can circulate.

  5. I’ve been using a drying mat for about 4 years now, I think. We bought the Dish Drying Mat from Envision Kitchen, at Bed Bath and Beyond, I think – can’t remember. It was originally for all the bottle and breast pump paraphernalia when I was nursing. But since then, we trashed our dish drainer and just use it. I do have a dishwasher, but there is still plenty to hand wash. The sippy cups and knives dry on it every night. If it’s full, the pots and pans air dry on the stove.

    Mine doesn’t get moldy. I wash it every 2-3 weeks, or if it looks grungy, more frequently. And shake the toaster crumbs off it every week, but that’s a different problem 😛

    1. Good to know. I’m hoping this one will work well but if not, I’ll head over to Bed, Bath & Beyond and get one like you have.

      Toaster crumbs, huh?!

      1. Yeah, at our current house, the drying mat is on the same stretch of counter as the toaster because of the location of the plug. And even though there is a wine rack in between, the toaster crumbs still manage to migrate around to the mat. Hubbies is the main user of the toaster in the wee hours, so no IDE what he’s doing to get them everywhere. Minor annoyance that I’ll keep in mind when we remodel. I pretty much loathe the layout of this kitchen anyway. Previous owner was very petite and built a showcase stove wall with a low tile surround that I whack my head on at least once a week.

        1. Got it. Those pesky crumbs. They manage to get in the most interesting places. My silverware drawer is always full of them and I have yet to figure out where they come from.

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