Why I Don’t Ever Want Another French Door Refrigerator

Why I Don't Ever Want Another French Door Refrigerator

Why I Don't Ever Want Another French Door Refrigerator

French door refrigerators have been popular for a while now and David and I jumped on the bandwagon when we remodeled the kitchen at our last house.  It seemed like the perfect refrigerator.  And it does have a lot of positive qualities, like:

  • Easy access to the refrigerator section since it’s at the top.  I really love that.
  • It looks classy.
  • Since there are two doors instead of one, you can have both of them open without blocking the walkway, especially in a galley kitchen like I have.
  • When you open both doors all the way, everything is easy to get to.
  • Mine has three roomy drawers, especially the bottom one.

Why I Don't Ever Want Another French Door Refrigerator

Why I Don't Ever Want Another French Door Refrigerator 2

But . . . there are a several features we’re not crazy about.

  • In order to open either of the top two drawers, the bottom drawer has to be closed.  The bottom drawer has a lid that raises up automatically.  When I put groceries away, I would like to be able to have all three drawers open at the same time but because of the lid, I can’t.

Why I Don't Ever Want Another French Door Refrigerator

Why I Don't Ever Want Another French Door Refrigerator

Why I Don't Ever Want Another French Door Refrigerator

  • In order to open any of the three drawers, you have to open both refrigerator doors.  Sometimes my hands are full and I can’t do it so I put items on the shelf intending to put them in the drawer later (no, I don’t usually end up putting them away – but my husband does and reminds me that it’s very simple to open the drawer and put the item IN the drawer not ON the shelf. And yes, that’s a pet peeve of his.)

Why I Don't Ever Want Another French Door Refrigerator

  • The freezer has two drawers and the ice maker is at the back far left corner of the top drawer.  It’s SO inconvenient to get to, especially if the freezer is full.

Why I Don't Ever Want Another French Door Refrigerator

These features are annoying but not deal breakers.  But there is one thing that is a deal breaker.  It’s the whole reason we don’t want another French door refrigerator:

the freezer

My previous refrigerator was the old style with the freezer on the top and the refrigerator on the bottom with one door for each.  I could get SO MUCH in that freezer! Seriously – it was amazing.  But the freezer on my French door refrigerator isn’t like that.  There are two drawers and they have to be packed flat.  I can hardly get anything in there and boxes are the worst – especially pizza boxes.  If you try to close either drawer, but especially the lower one, and anything is sticking up even the tiniest amount, it won’t close.  I’m not a cusser but that freezer has made me want to cuss plenty of times.  I hate it SO much.

Why I Don't Ever Want Another French Door Refrigerator 10

So when we sell our house, hopefully soon, we’re leaving the refrigerator if the buyers want it.  We want to start over with something that doesn’t make us want to cuss.

What kind of refrigerator do you have?

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7 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Ever Want Another French Door Refrigerator

  1. Thank you for this info. For some reason I don’t think I would like the freezer on the bottom – seems messy to me. As usual, everything has its pros and cons, but I think the cons won this round. Thanks for saving me this hassle.

  2. I’m glad you wrote this!! I always love the way the french door refrigerators look, but it’s great to hear why you don’t like them. I will have to rethink the next fridge we get!

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this kind of refrigerator in action before, but I’m glad to know that it’s not worth the fuss! I’ve a habit of shoving things into my freezer (the normal, above the fridge kind) and it may not be the best solution, it totally works for me (since nobody else is ever in there, everything stays put 😉 ). Also, I’m a milk-freezer. I buy the half gallons on sale for 99 cents and always try to have at least two in the freezer at all times. It looks as if I’d be hard pressed to find somewhere to put the milk!

  4. My dream fridge is the traditional, old skool, one door for the fridge and one for the freezer (on top.) While I’m at it, smudge-free stainless steel, on which magnets actually stick.

  5. Meh. I have a french door, a Frigidaire Gallery. The freezer issue hasn’t bee a problem for me, and our icemaker is in the fridge. But, also, my fridge is 29cu ft. And if the freezer were a real problem, my solution was to get another deep freeze. I have six people in my family.
    I can access one of the fridge drawers with the door closed. The middle drawer, no. Overall, most of the issues are model-based, and I’m guessing you have an earlier model that they’ve since tweaked.

  6. Patty, what brand is your fridge?

    My favorite fridge is an Amana, freezer-on-the-bottom model. The refrigerator top part has a door that swings open, and all of the bins open independent of each other. None of them open automatically. There is tons of room for all sorts of things, even in the smallest model.

    I find the drawer-type freezer to be a deal-breaker, also. SUPER-HATE those. SO…..the Amana I adore has a bottom freezer that opens with a door. This is very important! True, you may have to crouch down to see what’s in the freezer, and yes, you need more floor space for the door swing (over drawer-type freezers) but you can fit an amazing amount of frozen food in there—comparable to a freezer-on-top model.

    I had to leave my beloved Amana at my house when I moved in with Mom to take care of her. My sister is now enjoying the Amana, while I use Mom’s Whirlpool with the freezer on top. Good fridge, but I am always stooping to get into the fridge (and I am only 5’4″). I miss my baby….

  7. We remodeled our kitchen a few years ago. When it was time to buy the appliances I knew I wanted a side by side fridge like my previous one only updated and better looking. The appliance people, neighbor’s, well meaning friends kept asking why we weren’t getting the French door model, saying its the latest, it’s on trend, it’s what everybody’s getting, it’s better for resale. When I told the appliance guy I wanted a side by side he said ‘no you don’t’. Why, yes. Yes I do. My reasons are as follows. First, I’m not in junior high. I don’t have to do what my friends are doing. Secondly, at 60 and a homeowner for over 30 years I no longer feel compelled to keep up with the Jones’s.. Resale value…bs. By the time I sell the new owners will want an updated fridge. As for being on trend, I’m fairly trendy. But I don’t buy an appliance to be on trend, I buy one for functionality. But mostly, I just like the side by side. I barely have to bend for anything. The bottom shelf in the freezer is for things we don’t use often. I may have to bend some to get stuff from my bottom fridge door, no biggie. I don’t have to rummage through by freezer to grab stuff because it’s all on a shelf, neatly. Besides I don’t want to look down into a freezer. I like to stand in front of it and scan. The biggest bonus is having only two handles to keep clean, not three! The selection of side by sides is dwindling…I fear they may be extinct the next time I need a fridge!

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