Don’t Fight It, Fix It!

Organizing isn’t just about pretty drawers and clean desks.  It’s also about function.  If something in your space frustrates you, it needs to be fixed.  Here are some examples from my home:

Our laundry room is in the basement and it was a pain to try to open the door at the bottom of the steps while carrying an overflowing laundry basket.  So we switched out the door knob for a lever so we could open the door with our elbows.

We keep the cleaning supplies in the garage, along with the snakes!  We can’t seem to keep the snakes out so we got a small shelving unit from Wal-mart and put the cleaning supplies on one of the upper shelves.  It’s much more organized and the cleaning caddy isn’t so convenient for the snakes.

When we remodeled our kitchen a couple of years ago, the cabinet door by the baking supplies blocked the light and was in the way.  So we changed the hinges on the door so it opened wider and didn’t block the light.

The light switch for the exterior motion sensor light is on the same switch plate as the garage light.  We could never remember which was which so we kept turning off the motion sensor light.  We solved that problem by putting a piece of tape over the motion sensor switch.

Life is filled with one frustration after another so don’t live with frustrations you don’t have to.  Is there something in your house that isn’t working right?  What can you do to fix it?

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Born in Kentucky, I am a wife and mom to 1 son and 2 daughters . I have an ink pen obsession, as well as a love for all things planner. I have been married for 10 years to my high school crush. I am a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

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6 thoughts on “Don’t Fight It, Fix It!

  1. Patty, Love your blog. I just have to say I’d never go in the garage if I thought there was a snake living out there much less go downstairs to the laundry. So basically, you’re my hero. My family would be wearing dirty clothes!

    1. Ha, you’re funny! Believe me, I didn’t want to go out there. Actually, I was home alone when I discovered that snake. I went out there to take a picture because I hadn’t seen that kind before. We’d had ring necks and garters (7 in the basement and 3 in the family room) but never a snake that looked like that. I was convinced it was a rattlesnake so I was really freaked out. It turned out to be a juvenile black snake. Who knew a black snake wasn’t black!

      I HATE snakes but I’m learning to freak out a little less when I see one where it shouldn’t be. Just a little less.

      Thanks for the kind words about the blog.

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