Don’t Forget To Clean These Areas in Your House!

Most of us are pretty good about keeping our houses in decent shape.  We do the basic chores fairly regularly and pretty much keep things picked up.  But there are a few things we might miss that should be done once in a while.  Like:

Light fixtures.  Certain light fixtures hang in such a way that bugs make their way into the fixture and then stay.  You don’t really notice until you turn the light on and happen to look up, and then, oops – look at all those bugs!  So once in a while those fixtures need to be cleaned out.

Fireplace.  Obviously fireplaces that are used often need to be cleaned out occasionally, perhaps by a professional, but the inside of an unused fireplace needs cleaned out, too.  Usually just a quick hit with the vacuum cleaner is all it takes.

Upholstered furniture (including dining room chairs if yours are upholstered).  I used to vacuum my furniture once a week.  I don’t do that anymore.  But every now and then, it’s a good idea to go ahead and vacuum the cushions, top, bottom and sides, and clean under the cushions.  It keeps dust to a minimum, gets rid of the crumbs, and makes your furniture last longer.

Fabric Lamp Shades.  Believe it or not, the shades pick up dust and pet hair.  Every now and then it’s a good idea to use one of those sticky rollers or your vacuum cleaner brush attachment to clean off the shades.  Just be gentle!

Ceiling fans.  The tops of those blades can get pretty dusty!  They have special tools you can buy to clean the ceiling fan blades.  Whatever you use, clean those blades once in a while!

Front door.  Most front doors get a lot of use, and once in a while they need to be cleaned off – both the door and the surrounding areas.  I have a black front door so it doesn’t show much dirt, but every now and then when I clean it, especially the inside, I’m shocked at how dirty it is.  My door is mainly dirty because of the black lab that leans against it!

Vents.  Vents aren’t something I normally think of cleaning but they do collect dust.  A vacuum brush attachment works pretty well.  I also have a few floor vents.  I take the covers off and vacuum inside of those.  They tend to collect dust, small items and pet hair.

Woodwork.  Just because you can’t see dust or dirt on the woodwork doesn’t mean it isn’t there.  Now and then it’s good to take the vacuum brush attachment, your string mop or a Webster (my tool of choice) and clean off the woodwork.  Once the dust sits long enough, it becomes a permanent part of the woodwork and that’s not good!  So wipe the woodwork off once in a while and you won’t have to worry about that.

Under furniture.  Just because you can’t see under the furniture doesn’t mean it doesn’t need cleaned.  If you don’t want to move the heavier pieces, find a tool that will get under the furniture that will get most of the dust and dirt.  Again, a Webster is a good choice or perhaps your vacuum cleaner or string mop.

Insides of windows and glass fronted picture frames.  Even if you can’t clean the outsides of your windows, the insides can still be cleaned.  Dirt builds up on the windows and needs to be cleaned off once in a while.  The same is true for decorative mirrors and pictures with glass.  You can’t really see the dirt but it’s there.  And like dust on woodwork, the longer it stays, the harder it is to get off.

So sometime when you’re feeling energetic, tackle one or more of these items.  Your house won’t fall down if you don’t do these, but if you don’t do them once in a while, you might pay a price later.  They really don’t take that much time if you tackle them one at a time.

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3 thoughts on “Don’t Forget To Clean These Areas in Your House!

  1. Great tips! Hubbys job once a week is to vacuum ~ so I get him to use the brush from the dustpan to flick up flies out of the window runners & some other little awkward places too.

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