Easy DIY Printable Planner Tabs

DIYPrintable Planner Tabs

I am sharing my printable planner tab template. I have done so many DIY Planners I could almost be considered an expert. When you are struggling with ADD/ADHD and trying to keep things in order you will try almost anything. At least I feel like I have!

My red ring bound Filofax with DIY pages is one of my favorite planners. I used these tabs with a half page size first, but in my Compact I like them much better.

I will share with you a free planner tab template for you to print. I printed mine on scrapbook paper.20151228_054141

After printing cut out each tab and fold in half. I placed the folded tabs into a laminating sheet and laminated mine for more durability. I use my lamination machine for so many projects. But this is one of my favorite!

20151228_053913Using double sided tape or even a glue stick you can adhere the tab to itself. Spacing out the tabs as normal will allow you to have about a 8 tab spread on a half page size planner. I made mine using my Xyron Create-a-Sticker Machine. I love coming up with excuses to use it!

I use a compact size and print my tabs two sets to a page. Once I cut them out and get them laminated I fold them in half and use a single hole punch to nick the corners.

As you can see I set them up five across. I am excited to see the planner tabs you create. Please share them with me!


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2 thoughts on “Easy DIY Printable Planner Tabs

  1. Hi Steph,
    This is a dream come true, everywhere on the internet people post how to make planners / stickers / etc but have never seen template for tabs.
    thank you soooooooooooo much.

    ps found you thro philofaxy

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