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coffee cups

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Long-time friends from out of town are coming over for coffee tonight.  We haven’t seen them in at least 15 years, probably longer.  They suggested we meet at a local coffee shop or restaurant but I invited them to come to our house instead.

They were more than willing to come here but hadn’t wanted to impose knowing we just moved and were in the midst of a major remodeling project.   I appreciate that.  But as I told them, this is the perfect time to entertain because expectations are low!  I mean, we just moved and we’re in the middle of remodeling everything!  So no one expects the house to be even close to clean.  Right?  Sounds like a win-win to me.  The house can be a mess and I have a great excuse.  No judgment for my housekeeping skills!

That being the case, I still wanted to make something to serve with the coffee.  I considered homemade cinnamon rolls or cookies and checked my sparse supplies to see if I had all the ingredients.  I might have had everything I needed but I stopped checking when I realized I don’t have any salt.

But bigger than being out of salt is the fact that the kitchen is covered in dust.  Even though I have a stove now, I can’t really use it much.  David’s been installing can lights and putting up trim and doing enough sanding to make the kitchen (and other rooms) a mess.  I considered cleaning up the dust and making something anyway, but in the end, I decided I couldn’t risk mixing dust into the cinnamon rolls or cookies.  Plus David wanted to work on the kitchen this afternoon and I definitely didn’t want prevent him from being able to.

dusty counter

So . . . I was ordering pizza for dinner (since we moved here, it’s become our Friday tradition with Danny and Ashley and the grandkids) and ordered a cinnamon dessert to serve with the coffee.   It’s true.  I’m not cooking from scratch.  I ordered out food.  And you know what?  It was the absolute right decision.

And that brings me to the reason for this article.  Don’t let silly little things like a messy house or less than optimal cooking skills keep you from having friends over.  If your house is a mess, clean it up or don’t worry about it.  If you can’t cook, buy something pre-made or order delivery.  Whatever the excuse, find a solution and invite those friends over!  You’ll be glad you did.

What complications keep you from having friends over?  How can you solve them?

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5 thoughts on “Entertaining The Easy Way

  1. Ha! We moved into this house over four years ago and have entertained maybe four or five times total. We used to have people over all the time. The house is constantly in a state of flux, some project under way and junk stored somewhere temporarily or some plumbing crisis left a hole in the ceiling or whatever. A goal for next year is to have people over once a month. Even just something small, I need to get back to socializing with real people in real time and I’m not really a fan of going out.

    1. Josh, if you can overlook the mess, your guests will be able to, too. In fact, they may really enjoy seeing the projects you’re working on.

      I’m kind of surprised you don’t entertain more. You love cooking and what I’ve seen of your house from your videos, it looks really nice.

      Keep me posted on how you do this next year. Maybe you should write a guest post about your experience! 🙂

  2. You’re so right.
    I am sick and sometimes when a tea time is schedule and that i’m not feeling right enough that day to clean or even to dress, I’m tempted to cancel the whole thing. At the beginning of my sickness, i did. Not anymore. My friends are not coming to see a perfectly clean house, a well maked up person or a cooked cake. No, they come to see me, so if sometimes, everything isn’t perfect, it’s ok 🙂

    1. That’s exactly what I’m talking about. And you know what? If you have the courage to socialize anyway, it will give the others courage, too.

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