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In case you missed any of the daily tips posted on Facebook and Twitter, here they are on one page and grouped by category.  Enjoy.


Clean up what you’re working on before you get something else out. This applies to kids AND adults!

If you don’t have an extra set of sheets for your bed, don’t wash the bedding on a day when you won’t have time to finish the job.


If you can’t get picky eaters to eat fruits or vegetables, dip might help. Dip carrots in ranch dressing or apples in peanut butter.

When you’re planning for tomorrow, also check the menu for the next day to see if anything needs to be done ahead, like defrosting meat.

Before making a new recipe, read the directions carefully & prepare ingredients BEFORE starting – much less stressful that way.

Don’t forget you can use your crock pot for warming. Make sloppy joes a couple hours ahead & toss them in the crock pot on low until dinner.

When freezing leftovers, divide them into serving size portions. That makes them much more convenient when you need a quick meal for one or two.

Fill the flour or sugar container while it’s out & before you put it away – don’t wait until the next time you need it.

Home Décor/Remodeling

If you’re having trouble choosing paint color, it might be worth it to purchase sample sizes so you can actually see the color on the wall.

Menu Planning

It’s okay to tear recipes out of your magazines. You can’t save every recipe magazine forever so you may as well pull out the ones you like.

Save your old menu plans. Then if you run short on time & can’t make a menu for the week, just recycle an old one.


Be careful going shopping when you’re bored, list-less (literally, no list in your hand) & unmotivated. Very bad things can happen to your bank account.

Odds & Ends

Be careful comparing yourself to others – you don’t know their situation. Also be careful comparing yourself to your younger self! I’m learning this.

Tired of going to the post office to pick up stamps? Order them by mail! I’ve been doing it for years. It’s quick & SO easy!!!

Heading out for the evening? Leave some lights on & make it look like you’re home.

Avoid running appliances like the washer, dryer or dishwasher when you’re not home. Just in case something goes wrong.


When organizing a closet or cabinet, it DOESN’T have to look like the ones in the magazines. Make it work for YOU.

Can’t process your mail right away? Don’t scatter it through your house. Pile it in one place until you can get to it. Of course, sooner is better than later!

If you don’t have enough storage in the kitchen, move some of the items you don’t use often to other locations–garage, basement, closet.

Don’t forget to rest! It’s not wrong to stop & take a break. You may even find that taking regular breaks will make you MORE productive than before.

When purchasing shelf paper, be sure to get the kind that will allow you to slide dishes across the paper. Certain kinds don’t & will frustrate you.

Don’t wait until the weatherman forecasts snow to buy ice melt, shovels & windshield wiper solution. Buy in advance & avoid the crowds.

If you need to purchase a specialty light bulb, take the bulb with you so you won’t have to guess whether you’re getting the right one.

Time Management

In order to get your to-do list done, you have to DO the things ON your list. Doing other things may be more fun, but they won’t result in a completed list.

If you have something on your to-do list that ABSOLUTELY must be done, do it as early as possible.  Otherwise you could end up burning the midnight oil!

If your planner’s pen goes missing on a regular basis & you’re sick of getting caught without a pen, attach it with a string or ribbon.

If you can’t find a form you need for your planner, make your own, even if you have to draw it by hand and make copies.

Plan A for your day didn’t work out? If you have a to-do list in your planner, it’s easy to make Plan B . . . or C . . .

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