Filofax for 2013

Filofax - Malden

I’m making a change!  I’ve been using Franklin Covey Compact planner with 2 pages per day inserts for the last 20 years and it’s time for a change.

I’ve been playing around with a Personal Malden Filofax for the last four months but hadn’t committed to it until recently.  With the new year approaching, I decided it was now or never.  So now it is.

My new binder is a Personal Malden which is similar in size to the Franklin Covey compact.  The personal Malden inserts are half an inch narrower and the binder rings are a little bit smaller. Franklin Covey paper is 6-3/4 x 4-1/4.  Filofax paper is 6-3/4 x 3-3/4.

So here we go.

The inside cover has a zipper compartment and several slots for business cards.  So far all I’m using it for are my receipts.  I’ll probably put some odds and ends in there eventually.

Filofax - Malden inside coverIf you’re not familiar with Filofax, the company gives you the option of “registering” your binder with them.  You’re assigned a registration number that you write on this page in your planner.  If you ever lose your planner, this page gives instructions to the finder for returning it to Filofax and then Filofax will return it to you.  Pretty cool.

Filofax - Malden Registration

The first section of my planner is A-Z tabs.  I’m using these as an index for information that I want to keep in my planner but that doesn’t need to have its own section.

Filofax - Malden abc tabs

Here’s an example. This is my list of guests for Christmas along with the menu.  I also have a page in the “H” section with thoughts about the next house we purchase.  And under “P” is a list of purchases we need to make.  When it comes time to start saving for the next thing, we’ll look at the list and see what’s most important.

Filofax - Malden C tab

I didn’t purchase a monthly calendar for 2012 so I made one myself starting in August when I got the Malden.  Nothing fancy – just something to get by until the end of the year.

Filofax - Malden 2012 monthly tabs

Filofax - Malden 2012 August

Behind the December tab are my daily pages.  I started out with 2 pages per day.

filofax - malden 2 pages per day

But I think I’m going to do something like this instead: filofax - malden 2 pages per week

I’m also going to make a to-do list on plain paper each day.  That’s where I’ll write appointments for the day, to-do’s and notes about my day (I journal in my planner).  Journal type notes will be on the back of the page.

filofax - malden daily page

filofax - malden daily page today

Next are 2013 monthly calendars.  These are tabbed pages I purchased from Day Runner.  In the past, I’ve used the front page of each month as my Monthly Index and the back page for my monthly to-do’s.  These pages have a place for the monthly to-do’s but not the monthly index.  I’ll probably type the index and then tape it onto the front page of the month.

Filofax - Malden 2013 front

filofax - malden 2013 monthly calendar

Next are divider tabs.  I made these using colored card stock.  I’ll probably put stickers or something on the fronts of the dividers.  My dividers include:

 Diary (for the daily pages)
Business (my husband is self-employed)
Money (mostly just a record of my non-business,
non-bill spending – you know, stuff like eating out, groceries, gasoline)

filofax - malden dividers

 I subdivided the blog section so I can turn easily to the different pages.  I make notes ALL THE TIME about article ideas, tips I think of, things I need to do, etc.  Having the top tabs makes it a lot easier to record all those ideas.

filofax - malden blog page

The address tabs were purchased from Day Timer.  I have a few addresses in my iPhone but this is my main address book.

filofax - malden address tabs

I tried putting these business cards for my husband’s remodeling business, my daughter’s photography business and my blog in the front of the binder but they made it too bulky.  They fit perfect here and I have them on hand if I need to give one away.

filofax - malden business cards

 And finally, the back of the binder has room for a notepad which I purchased from Day Timer.  I hardly ever use it but it’s nice having it there.

filofax - malden notepad at back

The Malden Binder is a soft, flexible, luxurious feeling binder.  I really love it except for two things.  The pen loop is too small for anything but a pencil so I clip my pen to the outside of it.  And the closure tab gets in my way sometimes.  I usually tuck it under the pen and that works pretty well.

So that’s my new planner set-up for the end of 2012 and 2013.  I’m excited to give this new planner a try.

What calendar/planner are you using for 2013?  Is it ready to go?

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25 thoughts on “Filofax for 2013

    1. Thanks, Amy. I just watched your video. Nice job. Our set-ups are similar!

      I really like the monthly pages from Day Runner but I’m not sure about the daily. I like the schedule to go at least until 8:00. I have them sitting on my desk but don’t know if I’ll use them. I’ll have to see how my other plan goes. It’s nice to have them if I need them.

  1. I still love my 2ppd pages from Franklin Covey, the paper is a delight to write on. And I’m temporarily back in my crimson Malden. Missed the typical feel of the leather. We’ll see how long it lasts until I’m back in my Aurora …;-)

    1. The paper quality of the FC pages is definitely better. Definitely.

      Did you read the comment on Philofaxy where Helen Conway used the term Filocovey. I love that.

  2. {Melinda} Oh my goodness, I love stuff like this! 🙂 Maybe because I’m so bad at organizing, I just love organizing products. They always give me hope that I can get my “world” in order. This looks great — might go on my Christmas list!

  3. I used to use the Filofax 2ppd and switched to the dpp because I didn’t need as much space. But looking at your pages, I’m feeling the pull to 2ppd again. Since I use the compact though, that would only allow me to carry 1 month of daily pages, and that’s just not enough. Sigh, I’m very influenced by others’ set up. Mine is working fine, so why is that? 😉

    1. I don’t know but I feel the same way! I guess we just really like planner stuff and are always looking for better (and different) ways to do things.

      I’m doing pretty well with my switch to Filofax, but when I see a Franklin Covey set-up, I miss it and think about switching back. Why?????? So all that to say, I can relate!

  4. Love this post! I am toying with doing a similar setup to yours; prepare a blank page each day to capture appointments, to-dos, and to schedule my plan for the day and capture notes like in a journal. I used DayTimer 2PPD for most of this year and loved having the big space to plan and record my day but found it difficult to “see” my weeks and what is coming and has past. If that makes sense!? So now I’m using Wo2P with a blank page divided into a section for each day inserted between. This is basically working fine. I put appointments in the proper diary pages and then as the week goes by I add to-dos to the sheet between, assigning the tasks to the days where I think I can finish them. It’s working pretty well but I’ve lost most of the journaling function. I don’t record here, I just plan. I find it helpful to do both in one setup, as when I need to nail down when something was turned in or finished or started it’s easy to find.

    Anyway, hope your setup works! Looks very well thought out!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Josh. I actually got the idea for my ABC dividers from a video you made earlier this year. And I really liked your set-up in your last video. I tried a similar set-up but I need more room for each day. I write a lot on my to-do list plus I need room to journal. I’m really liking using the blank page for my day. It gives me the freedom to write my list however works best for my day. Sometimes I just need a list; sometimes I need it by time; and sometimes by time period (morning, afternoon, evening); and sometimes by priority. It just depends. The blank page is giving me that freedom.

      Looking forward to your next video.

  5. Love this. I am a former long time Franklin Covey user too. I switched to all electronic for a while but now am back to a paper system with a Filofax binder and inserts. I moved from a classic size to a personal size, and that is taking some getting used to!

    1. Oh, boy – classic to personal isn’t an easy change. I’m having a hard enough time switching from a franklin covey compact with 1.25 rings to a personal. I miss that extra space! But I’ll get used to it. It forces me to be more concise!

      Good luck with your Filofax.

  6. I’m planning on a similar setup in terms of the diary – I have switched to a week on 2 pages for 2013, and I’m using plain notepaper in between. Great post!

  7. This strikes me about this post: You are working awfully hard to get FF and other inserts to do the work that the FC did without modification (i.e. daily journaling space, monthly index etc.). I can’t wait to see how this works for you long term. Did you buy FC inserts for 2013 just in case? ;o)

  8. What a nice tour of your planner!

    In the past I’ve never needed a complex planner; a few to do lists and a calendar worked for me.  But now I do need a planner!  Our family size is growing in number and in age (my oldest child will start kindergarten soon), which means more complexity to calendars and to do lists.  I need to get organized before I feel disorganized.

    I recently discovered your blog (perhaps from a comment from you on Small Notebook, can’t quite remember).  I’m reading every single post you have on planners to help me figure out a good planner system for me.  I appreciate all the comments, too, I’ve never heard of some of these planners. 

    I love your idea of keeping journal-type notes in your planner, something I would never, ever have thought of doing. I love writing a few things about each child as they happen but have yet to record them faithfully or store them in an organized fashion.  When I get a planner I’ll be sure to create a section for all my family journal notes like “the baby tried to bathe her teddy bear in the cat’s water dish today.”

    Thanks for such detailed info on your planner, it’s a great help for someone like me who has never used a planner. 

    1. You’re welcome!

      I didn’t use a planner, either, until my kids started having more activities. Life got very complicated and I needed help keeping track. My first one was a Franklin Covey Compact which I used for 20 years. Now I’m using a Filofax. Both are great options.

      Let me know if you have any questions. If I can’t help, I can probably direct you to someone who can. I’m kind of crazy about planners!

  9. Really interesting post! I have this same Malden, among others, but currently returning to FC for now.
    Re: the monthly index using DayRunner pages, I know that Sharon Korkes uses the front Notes page from her DayRunner daily pages for that (or she did). You can see it in her YouTube video of her raspberry Chameleon. I thought that was a clever way to bring a key aspect of the FC system into another brand/system.

    Love your blog!

    1. Definitely a good idea on Sharon’s part. That Monthly Index is key for me! Any planner system I would use would have that – whether it came with it or I added it. I actually use those Monthly Indexes frequently.

  10. I’m a newbie here. I was wondering how do you set your printer options to print out something to fit in the FC compact size? Also, did you cut out your own colored pages or were they purchased. As far as the Filofax pen loop goes, have you ever tried a Zebra 301 original pen? They are slim and nice to hold. ( I have a pen fetish 🙂 ) I love this blog! Thanks for writing it!

    1. Cyndy. Good questions. I wrote a post about how to print pages to fit in FC compact:

      I cut my own colored pages. I haven’t been able to find any that I liked for an affordable price. It’s no big deal to cut them myself. I made a template that makes it easy:

      I have tried a Zebra pen and it does fit. It’s the only one I’ve been able to find.

      Thank you for visiting the blog. So pleased that you like it!!!

    1. Hi Grace, I actually know who you are from my group on FB (Planner Peace). I have a black compact Aurora, and will note your name, in case I ever decide to sell it. Patty’s binder model is called Her Point of View.

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