FitBit Pedometer: A Creative (and Fun) Way to Exercise

Fitbit pedometer

fitbit pedometer

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I bought myself a new pedometer.  I’d had the old one for 10 years, and when we moved, I lost it (convenient, huh?!).

The old pedometer – it served me well!

I wasn’t crazy about the new one at first, especially since it wasn’t logging as many steps as the old one.  I’m not sure if my activity level dropped or if the old one was just overly generous.  At any rate, I had to step it up just to get back to where I was.

Fitbit pedometer
The new pedometer and its carrying case.

My previous average was about 6,000 steps a day – not too shabby even though the recommended number of steps is 10,000.  I was okay with that – until I got my new pedometer.

You see, there’s a feature that comes with the new pedometer that I didn’t have with the old one – COMPETITION.  This pedometer allows you to link with other pedometer users!  You can follow their progress and send them messages, cheers and taunts.


The nice thing about the competition element of the new pedometer is that it’s based on the last seven days.  If you get really behind, you can eventually catch up.  But you also can’t rest on past success because it goes away.  To win, you have to keep at it.

The fitbit is upside down so I can see it without having to turn it around.

And I want to win.

I only have three other people on my list.  One is my daughter, Rachel.  The other is her friend (and mine), Amber.  The third is my friend, Carolyn, who has a bad knee but is trying to increase her steps anyway.  Go, Carolyn.


When I started, I was in third place.  I didn’t think I would ever be able to catch up with Rachel and Amber, especially with my measly 6,000 steps a day to their 7,000 and 8,000.  But guess what? I started working harder, and before I knew it, I was AHEAD.  I stayed ahead for several days but then Amber decided she’d had enough and took her walking up a notch!  I remember the day she made a concentrated effort to beat me.  Every time I checked my pedometer, she was AHEAD!  That wouldn’t have been so bad except I’d been walking on and off all day!  She had a desk job so I couldn’t figure out how she was getting so many steps.  By the end of the day, she was still a little bit ahead of me so I walked some more and kept my lead.  I ended up with over 18,000 steps that day.  Yes, I was really tired.


I wish I could say that I learned my lesson and paced myself from then on but that wouldn’t be the truth.  I ended up with one more insane day – 21,500 steps.  Yes, I was trying to stay ahead of Amber again.  And yes, I was exhausted!


But this post isn’t just about how I’m trying (and succeeding some of the time) to stay ahead of the two 20-somethings on my fit-bit list.  This post is about a couple of other important things.

1.       If you don’t like exercise (I don’t), there are other ways to be active – like using a pedometer and trying to gradually increase your steps.

2.       Most of us don’t get as much exercise or activity as we think.  My husband is a part-time fitness trainer and he sees this all the time.  People think they’re working a lot harder than they really are; or walking more than they are.  It’s easy to fool yourself unless you’re using tools that accurately measure your progress.  If you’re not moving forward, there’s a good chance it’s because you’re not working as hard as you think.

So if you don’t like exercise, find creative ways to be more active.  And if you’re exercising but not seeing progress, figure out what’s wrong and fix it.

Do you exercise regularly?  What’s your exercise of choice?

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14 thoughts on “FitBit Pedometer: A Creative (and Fun) Way to Exercise

  1. I don’t exercise as much as I should or as much as I’d like to for sure. I’ve been thinking about getting one of these…

    1. I really love it, Lisa. It’s fun and easy. The fitbit has on-line tracking which I didn’t think would be a big deal but I LOVE it! It’s so satisfying to look at my monthly steps and see the progress I’ve made.

  2. It lasted for ten years? I tried two. The first one lasted a week. The second one didn’t make it past the first day.

    I do mostly walking. I actually despise most forms of exercise. I have very bad flat feet, which turned me into an abysmal pretty much anything else. My arches drop when I hit the ground and they come down sloppy, so I run flat-footed, and my foot doesn’t roll naturally like everyone else’s does. When I was in the school, they’d grade me on how fast I ran, and I always got the lowest score and frowns from teachers on my laps because everyone always thought I simply wasn’t putting any effort into it. When I was in the army, we have these battalion runs where you have a thousand people on a run. If anyone fell back, which I always did because I couldn’t keep up, someone from the battalion would gather all us up (usually all women with short legs; if the men fell back, it was because they didn’t want to run, so they sped up again before they got picked up in this). They’d have us all lined up as everyone else is going back in, as if to humiliate us for “not trying,” and lecture/threaten us.

    This is supposed to be fun doing?

    1. So glad you like it. I love mine! In fact, this weekend I’ve been in a heated battle with my daughter. She was in third place but she’s upped her steps and now she’s in the lead. I got 22,000 steps on Saturday to beat her. I barely did but she was ahead the next day. I never dreamed I would be able to get that many steps in one day (10 miles!). The pedometer is definitely a motivator. Keep me posted on how yours works for you.

  3. After only one day I’m buying another! My husband wants one now. I’m so impressed 10 miles! My legs are aching after only 8k steps! I’m so motivated to walk more now. The sleep monitor along with the food & water log have kept me accountable too.

    1. That is so cool!

      I went for a while without a pedometer and I couldn’t believe how it affected me. It made me lazier. There’s just something magic about wearing the pedometer and seeing how many steps you can get. Hope your husband loves it, too!

  4. I’ve been using a Fitbit for almost 2 years now and love it! I actually lost my Fitbit One when we bought our house last September, and had to switch back to my old Ultra that had been falling apart. The Ultra is still kicking ,and it gives me that extra boost of motivation when I check on the dashboard. It’s best when I’m at the top, but it also kicks me into gear when I see I am trailing a ton!

    1. Agreed. It motivates me the same way! Right now I’m in second place on my list and I’m not happy about it at all. But #1 is on vacation and getting a LOT of steps. I can’t win! But when she gets back . . .

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