Free Download: Grid Paper for your Planner

grid paper for planner

grid paper for planner

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I’ve never been thrilled with the blank paper options available to ringed-planner users.  The paper wasn’t quite what I was looking for and the packages of paper were astronomically expensive!  So a while back I started cutting my own paper – some white and some colored.  That worked reasonably well.

colored paper for planner

Then I noticed a bunch of people using graph paper.  So I got some and made some pages.  I liked the idea of the graph paper but I didn’t like the actual paper.  The paper I bought was too light but the lines were too dark.

graph paper for planner

So as is my custom, I made my own and I couldn’t be happier.

grid paper for planner

grid paper for planner
Front and back

You can also used the grid paper for the back side of custom pages.

grid paper for planner

If you’re interested, you can download my grid/graph paper blank pages below.   To print, use 8-1/2 x 11 paper.  Print the first side (current page) then flip the paper over and print on the back (current page).  That’s it!  Let me know what you think.

PERSONAL – Grid Paper

COMPACT – Grid page

CLASSIC OR A5 – Grid Page

A4 Grid Page (vertical)
(I don’t use A4 so I don’t guarantee this page will work.
Let me know if you have problems and I can probably fix them.)

A4 grid page (horizontal)

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12 thoughts on “Free Download: Grid Paper for your Planner

  1. Your planner looks so much like mine it is kinda freaky! I also have fallen in love with grid paper. I found what i wanted at Office Max. I got the heavier kind in a pad. I use a pocket size planner,so i can get exactly 4 pages out of one sheet, so that is 8 front ant back. I love the light buff color, too. I have a slide paper cutter , so i can cut a month’s worth in one session. Also, the paper is just enough larger that iI gain a half inch in length. I now make all of my own papers and dividers. Finally solved the paper problem! Now, I am working on the system. That is a tad more difficult, but gotta keep trying! Kinda like feeding a paper habit, lol!

    1. I didn’t get a chance to check anywhere but Wal-mart. I probably won’t bother now, though, because I love the paper I made. I like having the plain white border. Not sure why. But I much prefer using grid paper instead of lined paper.

      Good luck with the system. It is definitely harder!

  2. This is just what I’ve been looking for! I attempted to create graph paper myself, but did not have any luck. Thanks.

  3. This is wonderful! The A5 size is perfect for my DIY ARC planner. I was planning to make something similar for myself, but you’ve saved me all that work. Thanks soooo much!

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