Goop: Must Have Hand Cleaner

Goop is a “must have” at our house.  We’ve had a can of Goop in the cabinet since we’ve been married – 30 years!  My dad used it and my husband uses it.  It’s the ultimate hand cleaner for getting off tough stuff.  My dad liked to tinker with cars and engines and Goop did a pretty great job at getting off the grease.  My husband is a remodeling contractor and Goop does a good job getting off paint and other remodeling dirt.

And here’s the best part – Goop does a great job getting oil/grease spots out of clothes!  Every now and then I notice a spot on my clothes – either from cooking or from my washer or dryer.  I’m not sure why or when or where the spots come from but they show up now and then and I don’t notice them until the clothes are washed and dried.  We all know it’s nearly impossible to get a stain out at that point.  But one, or sometimes two applications of Goop on the oil spot and the stain is gone!

You can find Goop at your local automotive parts store, hardware store or Wal-mart.   A can costs a couple of bucks and lasts a long time!

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One thought on “Goop: Must Have Hand Cleaner

  1. Great tip! I’ve got a grease stain on a borrowed Halloween costume I’ve been working on for months…I’m gonna buy some goop and get on it!

    I remember my dad and brothers using this… after working on cars and bikes growing up.
    The only thing it didn’t work on was when my brother had a job at a company that did ponds. There’s some kind of spray rubber that they use in those things and nothing but a straight up pumice stone would get that stuff off of his skin…ouch.

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