Grocery IQ App: A New Way to Make a Grocery List

Grocery IQ

Grocery IQ

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I’ve joined the electronic planning bandwagon – at least as far as my grocery list.  My daughter told me about this great app called Grocery IQ and I decided to try it.  I was sure I would hate it and that my first grocery store trip using it would be a disaster but it worked perfectly and I didn’t have any trouble at all.

In case you’re wondering why I decided to mess with perfection (my old system has served me well for years and years and years) and try something new, there’s a very simple answer.

Several times lately I’ve gotten to the grocery store with my paper list and didn’t have a pen or pencil to mark off the items as I put them in the cart.  I don’t know about you, but I HAVE to mark them off as I go or I get confused about what I’ve purchased and what I haven’t and I don’t have the time or desire to look through my list to figure it out.

So out of frustration over not having a pen when I need one, I decided to give the app a try.

Here’s what I like about it:It’s convenient. I always have my phone with me so it’s easy to add an item when I think of it.

  1. It keeps all the items I’ve ever entered, so when I’m making my list I can go through the history to see if I forgot anything.
  2. It allows me to enter the prices and keeps a tally of my current grocery list.
  3. I don’t need a pen.
  4. I mark things off as I put them in my cart.
  5. It’s easy to move items from the “history” list to the “grocery” list so I don’t have to re-type them.You can print the list if you want to.
  6. You can have shopping lists based on the store where you’re shopping.
  7. It’s free.
  8. There’s a way to see what coupons are available, but I haven’t used that feature yet.
  9. Bar code scanning is also available but I haven’t used that feature yet, either.

Here’s what I don’t like:

  1. It’s a little bit tedious to add the prices.
  2. I wish I could create my own category list.
  3. Sometimes I just want to enter a simple product name, like Tums, but it adds the official product name which is longer and more specific.

Here’s what it looks like:

Grocery IQ

Grocery IQ

Grocery IQ

Grocery IQ

Grocery IQ

Grocery IQ

If you’re interested in taking a look at the app, you can see it here:

I still keep a paper list on the refrigerator so David can add items or I can add items if my phone isn’t handy.  When I’m finalizing my grocery list, I transfer those items to the app.

Grocery List on the refrigerator

I don’t use many apps – I’m still a pen and paper kind of girl – but I do love this one!  If you haven’t checked it out, take a look and see what you think.


DISCLAIMER:  I am not being compensated in any way for this post.  This is a product I like and I wanted to share it with my readers.


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12 thoughts on “Grocery IQ App: A New Way to Make a Grocery List

  1. Patty, I love electronic lists but I can’t type on that tiny keyboard, it’s killing me. That’s why I don’t use my phone for much.

    1. That’s definitely a factor. Maybe it’s time for an iPad or tablet of some kind??? You know, so you can keep up with technology. Sounds reasonable to me!

  2. Homey- the grocery app sounds great. Glad it is working for you.
    I am working on devising a strategy to make sure I have a pen with me at all times. Have made some progress, but not perfection. Yet.
    Seems like more and more. They were be absent really help us deal with ADD ADHD. Looking forward to it.

    1. It’s funny about the pen because I’ve always had five or more pens in my purse at all times. I didn’t do it on purpose – I just always had pens. But for some reason, they keep disappearing and I end up at the store without one.

      On one of those trips I had a pen but I dropped it. I set my list and pen down for a minute in the cart and the pen fell out and I didn’t notice it. I didn’t have an extra in my purse. I re-traced my steps hoping to find it but I never did. I was SO frustrated!

  3. I can’t move my grocery list to electronic. I’ve tried and tried, but I run out of charge at the grocery store no matter what I do. I swear the grocery store is in some kind of electricity claiming zone.

    1. That is definitely a problem. Your phone has to be charged. I’m home most of the time so I keep mine charged pretty well. If that wasn’t the case, I’d probably stick with paper. I’d rather lose my pen than lose my charge!

  4. I use “Whay’s for Dinner,” which doesn’t have as many features as yours, but my menus are on it and I can automatically have the groceries listed. Then I just delete items as I put them in my cart. It has a recipe database. I love it a lot.

  5. I’ve never used this particular app, but I do have a shopping app for our regular grocery story – it’s their own. I love it! It keeps track of past purchases, keeps a list of our most frequently purchased items, and does all the sorts of things you talk about here. What I love is that it’s specific to the local store, so it gives us prices, shopper club deals, sales, item locations by aisle, etc. It’s made shopping and planning so easy. We can also use a scanner feature to scan barcodes for items in the home when they are empty and add them straight to the list.

  6. I use a similar app called Grocery Gadget. It has all of what you like plus you can add “Tums” or anything else you want. Plus you can organize by aisle for each store you go to. Maybe you would like this app better. Don’t know. I’very been using it for years now. Glad yours is working for you.

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