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LollieLollie is My 2 Page Per Day Filofax…

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It wasn’t oh so long ago that I divorced my nerd planner and switched to a weekly calendar. I thought it would suffice for my stay-at-home mom life. It felt good to simplify. But then I realized that I was missing things. I was missing important tasks, forgetting to mail this and that, forgetting to call him or her. I faded into a drug addiction and…

Not really.

But I really was missing important things. So, I decided to join the geek squad again and bust out the big rings (1 inch, to be exact).  I adopted a lovely yellow Filofax named Lollie.

Lollie is bossy and arrogant.  She thinks she has all the answers…and she does.

When I use my bossy little Filofax regularly, she does boss me and she does it well. If I am diligently writing down my thoughts and information and have her with me when I make appointments, then I really can trust her to have all the answers.

“What was that number again? Lollie knows!”

“When was that appointment again? I’ll ask Lollie!”

“What was it that I really needed to get done today? Lollie will tell me!”

She knows my phone numbers.  She holds onto my kids’ immunization records and always remembers everyone’s birthdays. She keeps funny stories about my kids logged away and reminds me when I need to be at that appointment I made a month ago. Of course, I have to sit down and feed Lollie information on a regular basis but once it’s thought through and written down, she can hang on to it all so I can sleep at night. Then she’s ready to hand me my to-dos the next morning when we touch base again.

I know Lollie is a task-master but I know she is always right and has my best interests at heart. We don’t always get along but I can breathe easier and relax better because of how much time Lollie and I spend together.

P.S. Yes, I named my planner. I also named my pink Kitchen Aid Mixer. What of it?!?!

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Born in Kentucky, I am a wife and mom to 1 son and 2 daughters . I have an ink pen obsession, as well as a love for all things planner. I have been married for 10 years to my high school crush. I am a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

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15 thoughts on “Hello, Lollie!

  1. I’m working on submitting to my own Lolly, too! When I let her run the show, it’s much better, but sometimes I think I know best … still working on this important habit. Btw, inquiring minds want to know … what’d you name your mixer?!

  2. Glad you have planner like Lollie to boss you. It sure does make things a little easier when someone tells you what to do! Ha!

    My pink kitchen aid is Molly. 🙂

  3. Okay! I am not the only one who does this! My planner is a bright Daffodil yellow, so I named her Daffy Dilly. I would have liked to say that I was as bright as the flower, but they won’t grow where I live (much too dry out here and too alkalai). Mine is the half-sheet size, but it fits in my everyday tote and travels with me nearly everywhere. I got the binder from DayTimer some years ago. I use FC pages and dividers because they work for me. In a pinch, I make my own “special purpose” pages using paper from DayTimer or plain printer paper. Like you, I do what works for me.

  4. I enjoyed reading this post very much. Ashley, you have a very pleasant writing style!
    Your relationship with Lollie seems much like the one I have with my planner. Yep, sometimes it can be a pain to lug this thing around. But I do depend on my planner so much, I know it’s worth it all!

  5. Too cute! Naming your planner is the epitomy of personalization!!! Great photo! When I read the name, all I could think of was the song from Schoolhouse Rocks’ catchy little tune “Lollie, Lollie, Lollie, get your adverbs here,” except my mind replaced “adverbs” with “info” (Lollie, Lollie Lollie, get your INFO here)! Thanks for sharing about your experiment with weekly vs daily!

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