Tidy the House

“Tidy the house” is one of the first items on my to do list everyday.  I don’t always have time to clean as much as I would like to, but I always take time to tidy.  Why?  A tidy house gives the illusion of a clean house, a tidy house is much easier to clean and a tidy house just looks good!

“Tidy the house” for me means going through each room and putting it in order.  For  example, I usually start with the living room.  I fold up the quilts, put the couch pillows in place, straighten the magazines, remove any dishes – whatever else needs done to make the room look orderly.  Then I move to the next room and do the same thing.  It’s really just a matter of putting things away.

It sounds like a big undertaking, but if you do it regularly throughout the day, it doesn’t take very long and your house is always a few minutes away from being company ready.

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My name is Patty & I'm a full-time homemaker. I've been a full-time homemaker most of my adult life. I thought I'd probably go back to work when my kids were grown, and I did briefly, but I came back home as soon as my first grandchild was born. I learned that home was my favorite place to be and homemaking was and is my calling.

6 thoughts on “Tidy the House

  1. We are so alike. I an a cleaner, always cleaning and picking. I hate clutter and I resonate so much with what you said about the house being better when it is picked up and “just looks good”.

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