How I Clean My Bathroom

I don’t know about you, but I like knowing how other people do things.  Sometimes I learn something new and sometimes I confirm that I’m on the right track.

So in case you’re interested, here’s how I clean my very tiny bathroom:

1.       Spray tub and shower with scrubbing bubbles.

2.       Spray scrubbing bubbles in toilet bowl and sink.

3.       Using a sponge, wipe down shower walls & tub.  Rinse.

4.       Using toilet brush, brush inside of toilet.  While I’m there, spray outside of toilet with 409 and wipe down.

5.       Also while on the floor, I spray the floor with 409 and wipe it down.

6.       Wipe down inside of sink.  Then spray 409 on counter and tile walls surrounding the sink and wipe down.

7.       Spray the mirror with Windex and clean with paper towel.

8.       Spray the window over the tub with Windex and clean with paper towel.  While I’m there, wipe down windowsill.

9.       Replace the towels and rug with fresh towels and a fresh rug.

10.     Dump the trash.

11.     Refill the toilet paper and Qtips.

12.     Replace bar of soap, if needed.

13.     If I notice anything extra that needs cleaned, I go ahead and do it.  Sometimes I wipe down the front of the vanity.  Sometimes I wipe down the woodwork or light switch.  Sometimes I clean the outside of the tub.

14.     As far as dusting, there are a few things that need dusted but I get those when I dust the rest of the house.

Approximately seventeen minutes later, I’m done for another week.

Just in case you’re interested, here are a few pictures of what this bathroom looked like BEFORE we remodeled it.  The area behind the sink and toilet was papered with flocked wallpaper.  It was really nasty!  Oh, and we didn’t do any of this.  We bought this house as a fixer upper (and boy did it need fixing up) and redid every square inch of it. 


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18 thoughts on “How I Clean My Bathroom

  1. Vinegar is good also. My toilet brush has a holder and I put just a little vinegar in it with the brush. Before I put the brush away I spray with vinegar and put between toilet and toilet seat while I am cleaning the rest of the bathroom. Vinegar is also good to just add to the toilet bowl for cleaning and odors.

  2. In love the way you redid the bathroom. The decor is so simple and serene. And thanks for introducing me to Scrubbing Bubbles. Tried some today and it works.

  3. I actually do like reading about how people clean. It helps me to know I’m doing it right. My mother was a hoarder and as a child I never saw her clean. It might sound silly, but when I moved out on my own, I was clueless about how to keep a house clean.

  4. I’m going to try Scrubbing Bubbles, too. I wait waaaaaay to long to clean my shower and it becomes a huge chore. I found that using a square, flat, plastic pan scrubber (it’s really more of a scraper than a scrubber) works well for removing thick soap scum. Maybe Scrubbing Bubbles will keep the build-up at bay. Thanks for this.

  5. Nice looking bathroom. I can see why you love to put yellow towels on that great blue color. I painted my guest bathroom to match my shower curtain that I LOVE. But the color is too dark and absorbs all the light. I never knew until years later my mom came to stay over and had to put on her makeup in the living room because as she got close to the mirror the light disappeared! Oh well, it’s the kids bathroom now, and it work for them…no makeup for about 6, er 10 more years!! (I wish)

    1. The yellow really does look awesome. I have a set of teal towels, too, but they don’t look as nice. I LOVE the yellow.

      Paint colors are tough to predict sometimes. We’ve had some misses, too.

  6. Sorry this isn’t about cleaning the bath but I noticed you had a window above your tub originally, what did you do with it after the remodel? I have a guest bathroom I just gutted and have the same setup but not even sure if I am putting a tub back… But if I do I am not sure what to do with the window… Thanks for all your sharing!

    1. Phil, I can’t believe I didn’t include a photo of that!

      What we did was replace the window with a smaller, higher, horizontal window. It’s up high enough that we don’t even bother putting a curtain on it (there are no neighbors behind us or near enough to see in). It doesn’t have a screen and just cranks out if we want to open it to air out the bathroom. I’m sending a couple of photos to your email. I couldn’t figure out how to get them in this comment.

      Let me know if you have any other questions. Happy to share. Patty

  7. I do a similar process but use almost entirely vinegar, baking soda, and/or borax. A damp rag sprinkled with borax does quick work on soap scum in the shower, sink, and tub. Vinegar can be used for tougher stuff. I mop floor with vinegar and water, scrub toilet with borax or baking soda, vinegar for the mirror, doorknob, damp rag with a little vinegar does the woodwork and other tile. I put the shower curtain (vinyl) through the washer with a few old rags, borax, bleach and it comes out like new. I use a little bleach in the bathroom if there is any evidence of mildew or mold. I started using these products years ago to save money and realized that they do such a good job that I’ve almost totally stopped buying commercial cleaning products.

    1. Josh, I’ve played around with homemade cleaners but haven’t loved them. I do make my own laundry soap. But I’ve been starting to use them again – I’m tired of buying commercial products. They’re getting more and more expensive, along with everything else. I just wish I liked the smell of vinegar! It’s on my top 3 list of hated smells!!!

    2. Perhaps I need to start using borax in my shower. De-scumming the door is one of my least favourite household chores!

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