How to Clean Up After a Party

How to Clean Up After a Party

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We recently had a small birthday party for our granddaughter who just turned four.  Our guest list included 10 adults and 2 children.  We served dinner, dessert (cake, of course) and opened presents – not a lot of activities and not a lot of people, but we sure made a mess!

And that’s always the bad part about having a party of any size – the clean-up.  But it has to be done.  So I’ve come up with a strategy for clean-up that works for me.  Here’s what I do:

1.       De-clutter (I consider this the easy part.)

  • Remove the decorations, if any;
  • Pick up all the trash;
  • Gather all the dishes and put them on the kitchen counter;
  • Move furniture and accessories back where they belong.

2.       Clean.

  • Wash the dishes.   For this party we used paper plates and cups which eliminated some dishes but there were still a lot to be washed.  I filled up the dishwasher but then went ahead and washed the rest by hand.  I could have waited until the dishwasher was finished and then washed the rest but I wanted to get it all done.
  • Sweep and/or vacuum the floors.
  • Mop, if needed.

You’ll notice I didn’t mention putting the food away.  That’s because I usually put the food away right after the party.  But I save the rest of the clean-up for the next day.

What’s your strategy for post-party clean-up?

How to Clean Up After a Party

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My name is Patty & I'm a full-time homemaker. I've been a full-time homemaker most of my adult life. I thought I'd probably go back to work when my kids were grown, and I did briefly, but I came back home as soon as my first grandchild was born. I learned that home was my favorite place to be and homemaking was and is my calling.

2 thoughts on “How to Clean Up After a Party

  1. Hiring outside help is not going to happen when I have a party, so I had to make it a “routine” of sorts. Food goes from the table to the kitchen. What needs refrigeration right away goes into containers and then into the fridge. When there is a lot of the entre’ left, I ususally put it under foil or put it back into the roaster with the lid on and deal with it after dessert has been served.

    How much cleaning up has to be done depends on what the gethering was about. Like you, I take down any decorations that were hanging, or on top of furniture pieces. If table linens were used to complete the theme, they need to be washed, so I take them to the washer. I collapse the table back to its normal size, plut the chairs back that are usually around it, and put the spare chairs away. The floor was vacuum as I broke down the table and replaced the chairs. The kitchen is tended to afte the dining area is done. That gives me a chance to gather up any glasses or silverware that are astray.

    Finally, I go into the kitche where my marvelous husband will meet me to get the dishes done and the leftover entre will have been cut up or otherwise taken apart and made into meal-sized portions so that it can become part of of the “planned over” menu.

    There is no dishwasher here. I am the dishwasher! LOL

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