How to Get Your Family (& Yourself) to Eat Grapes

Have you ever bought grapes thinking your family would really enjoy them but instead they didn’t eat a single one and the grapes went bad?  That’s happened to me too many times.  Then it dawned on me.  Grapes are too much trouble!  You have to wash them and take them off the stem and it’s just too much work when you’re in a hurry or tired.

The solution is simple.  As soon as possible after you purchase the grapes, wash them in the produce wash of your choice, remove each grape from its stem and put the grapes in a clear bowl at the front of the refrigerator.  I can almost guarantee those grapes will be gone before you know it.

Now if someone in your family doesn’t like grapes, I can’t help you with that.

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My name is Patty & I'm a full-time homemaker. I've been a full-time homemaker most of my adult life. I thought I'd probably go back to work when my kids were grown, and I did briefly, but I came back home as soon as my first grandchild was born. I learned that home was my favorite place to be and homemaking was and is my calling.

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