How to Handle Holidays & A Cleaning Schedule

Holidays and Cleaning Schedule

Holidays and Cleaning Schedule

There’s nothing like a holiday to mess up a cleaning schedule. Don’t get me wrong – I like holidays – but when they fall on a Monday, which is my weekly cleaning day, I’m not exactly a happy camper. Yesterday was one of those days. The grandkids were out of school so I had them over which meant I wasn’t able to do my weekly chores. I was happy to have an excuse not to clean, but unfortunately, it still needs to be done sometime!

This wasn’t the first time this has happened, and over the years, I’ve come up with several ways to handle interruptions to my cleaning schedule. Here are my top five:
1.  Skip it. If you’re faithful with your cleaning schedule most of the time, you can skip a week without too many problems.
2.  Reschedule. The chores that were scheduled for the holiday can simply be moved to another day.
3.  Split them up. If you have several tasks for that day, you can divide them up so you do one or two each day.
4.  Do some of them and skip the rest. Look at the list and decide which ones must be done.  Do those, despite the holiday, and skip the rest.
5.  Do all your chores anyway and have the family help.
These strategies have worked very well for me over the years.  What are your strategies for handling interruptions to your cleaning schedule?
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